Celebrate International T-Shirt Day With Spreadshop!

International T-Shirt Day

Did you know that Spreadshop has its own holiday? Yeah, we’re kind of a big deal. Read on to get to know more about T-Shirt Day and the best tips to take advantage of this special event.

We started International T-Shirt Day back in 2008 as a way to help shop owners promote their shops and celebrate the beginning of summer with an essential merch item: the T-Shirt. 

This International T-Shirt Day (Monday, June 21) is no exception and is the perfect time to promote merch to your followers (and the Spreadshop community) as summer activities come back in full swing.

Why T-Shirts?

You no doubt already have a ton in your closet, and even a few that hold special significance. 

We all have those tees that are worn and ratty and should probably be thrown away, but you can’t bring yourself to do that because they hold some of your most precious memories: that time you went camping with your cousins, that school field trip your class took to DC, your first time going to a concert.

Now is the time for people to make memories in YOUR t-shirts.

T-shirts are a way for people to express themselves and showcase their interests. They want to wear clothing that’s not only going to make them feel good, but allow them the opportunity to be part of a larger community.

This applies for any type of Spreadshop: gamers, podcasters, vloggers, crafters, etc. Where there is a shop there is a connection to be made – no matter what type of merch or experience you’re selling.

It’s also not a bad time to launch new merch specifically for T-Shirt Day. 

Drop that new design you’ve been hoarding, finally bring that idea to life that’s been stuck in your head for ages. It will be a welcome shake-up to people who have been following your shop for a while and be something exciting to potential new buyers.

People want a reason to connect with you and International T-Shirt Day is all about giving you that opportunity thanks to some perfect timing.

Reconnect with Merch

Tis the Season

Now that people finally have a reason to leave their homes and reconnect with family and friends, they’re going to want some cool new merch to wear.

T-shirts are a summer and Spreadshirt staple that are incredibly versatile. Emphasize how your t-shirts are going to be essential to your customers’ everyday summer plans.

Take photos of yourself participating in some summer fun – catching rays by the pool, throwing a frisbee to your dog, going for a bike ride with friends – and share on your social media throughout the day (or use when you’re promoting your shop anytime).

Tag Spreadshop so we can share your posts, too. Your merch will be seen by more eyeballs than ever before, exposing you to some key demographics. 

And the more personal and seasonal your images are, the more people will respond to your merch.

Having a Spreadshop is all about telling your story, and this is the right time for you to reintroduce yourself to your followers and those in the Spreadshop community.

Our International T-Shirt Day goes beyond the idea of just promoting t-shirts. It’s a chance for us to see all the great merch and work that our shop owners are putting out into the world.

So, soak up the sun and share your merch (new and old) with us in honor of International T-Shirt Day on June 21!

Be sure to open your own Spreadshop today!

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