Why You Should Open a Spreadshop, Even if You Don’t Feel Ready

Why You Should Open A Spreadshop

How many times have you said you’ll do something “when I get X,” or, “it can wait until next week.” You’re delaying yourself from even starting; maybe it’s out of fear, maybe it’s just procrastination. I’m guilty of it, too. But if you want to create merch for your friends, business or just to do something creative, now’s the time to open a Spreadshop – even if you don’t feel like you’re ready!

If we waited until we were completely ready to start something, we’d never get anything done. The great thing about Spreadshop is you don’t have to have everything figured out on day one. Creating merch is a process of trial and error, but you’ll be able to understand what you want to make and even reignite your passion along the way. You just gotta press that launch button.

Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

When an idea has been in your head for so long, it can be difficult to bring it to life. You want your merch designs to be wearable but representative of what you’re making it for: a podcast, a small business, a family event, etc.

Don’t be afraid to play around with different color schemes and positioning of logos and fonts. Maybe you thought this whole time that white and purple were going to be your go-to color scheme, but know when you see it with your designs, something just feels off. You might need to go back to the drawing board or pick different colors that you think will look aesthetically pleasing and speak to your cause.

Try not to overthink your designs, though. You don’t need to communicate everything about your shop or message through complex artistic creations; that might just confuse people even more and turn them off if too much is going on; it might even delay your launch if you get too caught up in making a certain type of design. Instead, stick to clean fonts and logos that allow for maximum wearability.

As you build your shop, you can start to pick what kind of merch options you want to make available to your customers. There’s no reason you can’t have every option Spreadshop offers in your shop, but maybe you want to narrow it down to products you would use or the products you think your design looks best on.

You might not need baby onesies if you have a podcast about kitchen hacks, but you would probably want to have something like aprons available. Think about what your customer is most likely to buy based on what kind of service or content you’re offering them.

Best Sellers


If you don’t want to get too specific, stick with our best sellers. These are the products Spreadshop users gravitate to the most, no matter what the shop is about.

Find New Opportunities

Find New Opportunities

During the process of building and opening your Spreadshop, you’ll start to discover different ways you can show and talk about your merch.

If creating original art and putting it on merch is your thing, you can start a Youtube channel that shows you making art and giving tips to beginner graphic designers. If viewers are interested in the art you’re making, direct them to your Spreadshop where they can purchase the design on hoodies, stickers, water bottles, etc. 

Something like a Youtube channel is also a great way to take commissions and make art for people. It doesn’t have to be on merch necessarily, and will help you develop a business model.

You don’t just have to go down a visual route, though.

Talk About What You Love

Being on camera not your thing? Starting a podcast is a great way to talk about what you love.

If your shop is geared toward football or something fantasy football league related, carry that energy and enthusiasm to a podcast where you break down stats and emerging trends and winners. Invite friends or followers on to talk about what they’re league is shaping out to be or the sport in general. You’ll start to create a sense of community that will only help to drive interest in your merch.

This goes for any shop you have.

You’ll start to see the different angles and avenues you can use to tell your story and promote your Spreadshop merch. You can even link these different offerings in the About Me section of your shop, or as social links to make you look more professional and credible. Customers want to know if this is something you’re still interested in and not something you set up months ago and abandoned. Seeing that you’re active on different platforms just drives home your level of engagement and enthusiasm.

Opening a Spreadshop might seem daunting and can put all these unnecessary pressures on you. But once you dive in, you’ll see that creating your own merch can open up so many doors and unlock your creativity in ways you might not have seen before. You’ll understand your business or hobby better, creating your own community right from your laptop.

Open your own Spreadshop Today!

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