4th of July Merch Shop Ideas

4th of July Merch Shop Ideas


It wouldn’t feel like the Fourth of July (or summer) without some patriotic merch.

Spreadshop makes it easy for you to create your own original and festive styles.

Pick products and colors – red, white, and blue – that speak to the holiday. Play around with iconic design elements like stars, stripes, and other Americana images.

Take what’s traditional and turn it into something that suits your style.

Design merch that you’ll want to wear to that family barbeque year after year. Merch that will make watching fireworks an even more memorable event.

We hope our suggestions below provide some inspo for your 4th of July merch. 

Can’t wait to see what you come up with! 

Merch Options

Merch Options

Check out some of our recommended merch options for the Fourth of July and all your patriotic needs below.

We have hundreds of products you can feature in your shop, but these are the essentials.


You can’t go wrong with a classic tee. 

Our t-shirts come in unisex, men’s, and women’s fits. Choose the style that works best for you.

V-necks are a stylish departure from the traditional tee, or you can go for a relaxed fit.

Different styles also use different fabrics that affect breathability.

If you want to lean heavily into the 4th of July merch style, our unisex stars and stripes t-shirt is an essential.


A summer staple.

Your designs will  look oh-so summery on our men’s and women’s tanks.

The royal blue of the women’s premium tank is stunning. It would pair well with a red/white color scheme.

If you’re looking for a looser fit, the women’s flowy tank by Bella is a top choice.

It also looks perfectly patriotic in the royal blue, red, or white options.

Better get one of each color just in case.


Another summer go-to: the baseball cap.

Our snapback baseball camp is a customer favorite and is featured in many shops.

It doesn’t come in white, but you’ll forgive us after you see the red and navy options.

Because they’re adjustable, they look great on both men and women.

If you want to be a little trendy with your headwear, may we suggest our bucket hat?

Patriotic images would stand out on the cream colored version.

It’s a funkier style, but it’ll add quirkiness to your wardrobe.


I bet you have a supply of bandanas you’ve collected over the years from events and stuff. But do you actually wear them?

Design a bandana you’ll actually wear.

They’re a versatile accessory that can be worn around the neck, as a headband, or an accessory tied on bags.

Bandanas are also a practical summer item, helping to keep the sun and sweat at bay.

We even have them available for dogs!



If you’re not an artist, designing your own merch can feel pretty overwhelming.

Use tools like Canva and DesignBold to help build clean-looking patriotic designs from images and graphics. And you can never go wrong with good old Photoshop.

If you already have sketches or ideas you want to build on, use our Graphics Service.

Our team of designers will help fine-tune and get your designs print-ready.


My favorite patriotic-related design element.

You can interpret the star shape however you want.

Go for that hand-sketched feel where it looks like it was taken straight off the page. This will bring a realness and whimsy to your merch.

If you want to go big and bold, look no further than the glam icon himself: Elton John.

Make big stars in red, white, and blue colors. Or play around and put them in various sizes for a retro design.

This kind of all over print would look particularly cool with our tanks or bandanas. 

Or do a cluster of stars on the front of a hat.


Another piece of the American flag you can use for design inspo.

I like the idea of incorporating the stripes in unexpected ways.

If you want a busier design, fill your star shapes with stripes. Or you can even tie it in with lettering, if you have any.

Write words like “America” or “Freedom” and have the stripes of the flag go across the letters.

You can make this design large or small to fit on t-shirts and other accessories accordingly.


Incorporating firework imagery into your merch will give it a fun, explosive feel.

Go for the look of classic fireworks, or try something more abstract.

You can have a central design element like lettering and add little bursts of fireworks around it. You’ll be building a more cohesive design this way.

You could even turn different shapes like the stars into fireworks.

Think outside of the box. Use what you’ve seen on 4th of July merch before as a jumping off point.

You want your designs to feel original.

Patriotic Spreadshop Merch

We have some pretty great and original Spreadshops that have their own take on 4th of July Merch.

Chicken Butt Apparel

Chicken Butt Apparel asks the question: “Are you going to wear that?”

We say YES! and you will too once you see their merch.

They have a bunch of designs and themes in their shop, but we’re big fans of their patriotic gear.

Ben Franklin and George Washington probably threw some ragers in their day. 

We love how they made the design even more hilarious with the bandana and beer glass. The founding fathers have never looked cooler.

They dress up Honest Abe with some American flag tinted glasses on this t-shirt

Chicken Butt Apparel makes the kind of 4th of July merch you wouldn’t be able to find in a big box store.

They’re taking those classic Americana symbols of the stars and stripes and putting an original twist on them. 

They’re also carving out their own niche.

Where else can you get a tee of a founding father partying it up?

Amorphia Apparel


Amorphia Apparel is another clothing shop that offers different design options, but they’re Hirsute History line is one for the LOOKS.

“History told through the hair of the people that shaped it.” That’s their motto.

They feature iconic figures like Benjamin Franklin (he’s a popular dude). And current history change makers like Stacey Abrams.

These aren’t in-your-face patriotic designs. 

They capture the essence of America’s greatest figures in an understated, yet powerful way. Which proves you don’t have to use obvious images like fireworks to reference America’s freedom and independence.

We hope you were inspired to create your own 4th of July merch after seeing what you can do with your merch.

Launch your Spreadshop today!

And drop some links to your merch in the comments.

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