Musicians That Use Spreadshop for Their Band Merch

Musicians That Use Spreadshopfor Their Merch

It’s been a hot minute since we were last at a concert, and boy, is live music making a comeback and with it their band merch.

With new summer and fall tours announced nearly every day, it’s time to get back to some shows and rock some band merch in support.

Spreadshop is the merch destination for independent musicians around the globe that work in all kinds of genres – from goth rock to country to heavy metal.

It’s another way for artists to connect with their fans and makes for a better music listening experience. The hardcore ones buy that t-shirt and that hoodie and wear it with pride – in their bedroom, or at a show – but the passion for the music remains the same.

This summer, support independent artists and look like a rock star while doing it. And even discover some great new bands in the process.

The Nosferatu

The Nosferatu

Hailing from the United Kingdom, The Nosferatu are a second-wave goth rock band with looks and licks to boot.

Their melodic and intense soundscapes are only heightened by their dark and dramatic looks of precisely gelled hair, colored contact lenses, and layered velvet attire.

The Nosferatu have been making music since the early 90s and still continue to record albums and tour for their fans – even if the lineup has changed along the way.

They’ve got plenty of style, I mean just look at them. And that carries heavily into their music and their overall stage presence.

The Nosferatu have managed to carve out a special niche in the world of heavy metal and goth rock. They have the talents and style of great showmen like Alice Cooper with the music to back it up.

They’re set to back their live comeback on Dec. 3 in London. But if you are miles or oceans away from London town, check out their catalogue on Spotify and their super cool goth themed Spreadshop. 

Their band merch range from a distinct crest-looking logo, and other goth themed designs like tombstone iconography, and an even creepier and cooler image of the original Nosferatu himself.

If you’re trying to get out of your musical comfort zone, The Nosferatu are a great place to start considering their genre of music and ultra-specific interests that consist of vampires and the afterlife, among other things.

The Pocket Queen

The Pocket Queen

Taylor Gordon aka The Pocket Queen is a force to be reckoned with. 

Gordon has been drumming for years – as early as two-years-old – and has worked with the likes of Beyonce, Fifth Harmony, and Daya not to name drop.

She’s dedicated to her craft and consistently posts drumming lessons and covers on Youtube engaging with fans and the drumming community she’s a leader in. And Gordon is finally stepping into the spotlight herself.

She released her debut single entitled “WE CAME TO MOVE” featuring Ryck Jane in late March. And there’s no way you can’t get down to this slinky, funky number. As The Pocket Queen, Gordon unleashes an alter ego rivaling Sasha Fierce cool.

Her Spreadshop is more understated with band merch that reference card icons like hearts and spades, while she remains the Queen. Queen P that is.

James Scott Bullard

James Scott Bullard

James Scott Bullard is an award-winning recording artist/singer-songwriter known for his potent blend of southern rock, with some gospel and blues elements thrown in.

He’s fixed himself a comfortable spot somewhere between the music of Lynyrd Skynyrd and Waylon Jennings (and even bears quite the resemblance to the latter).

Bullard has won the acclaimed Gram Parsons Legacy award among other honors for music and songwriting. His trademark style falls in line with singing about americana themes and what one would call “outlaw-worthy” experiences.

His voice has the worn-in feel of leather and provides an added resonance when he sings about his experiences dealing with love, loss, death, and addiction.

Bullard’s most recent album may be a few years old at this point – 2018’s Full Tilt Boogie – but he’s active on his socials and is doing some cool stuff in the country rock merch game.

His Spreadshop is full of different band merch and images that either bear his likeness in all of its heavy metal glory, or are callbacks to different southern traditions or pastimes like faith and cars.

His music is unapologetic and straight to the point, just like his Spreadshop merch.



Plasmingo took a bedroom dream into the real world and started recording music from their rooms when they were just teenagers. They now have six albums under their belt and a lifetime of experience to use in their music.

From Sweden, Plasmingo has managed to churn out a number of sonically distinct and different records. They didn’t commit any of their music to recordings – only putting their demos on cassettes – until as late as 2014. But Plasmingo are proof it’s never too late to follow your dreams.

The six albums they have out are wide spanning in genre and tone. One is an ode to 80s flavored power pop, one a heavy metal groove fest, another a charged up disco dance album called Disco Balls, of course.

Plasmingo admits that they’re a bit obscure and aren’t on peoples’ radar, but that hasn’t diminished their passion when it comes to their music or their merch.

Their Spreadshop features band merch used as album artwork and is equal parts flashy and original. Their trademark band design of a flamingo is also interpreted in different ways: rocking a punk rock mohawk, trapped inside a disco ball, losing himself in the dance groove.

Give their music a listen and support the people who are still chasing their dreams and putting out some pretty rad stuff while doing it.

Drew Angus

Drew Angus

Best known for being a finalist on Season 15 of American Idol, Drew Angus has an indelible charm that carries through everything he does.

His pop/soft rock tones aren’t far from the likes of Shawn Mendes or Ed Sheeran, and his heartfelt lyrics are made all the more resonant thanks to his uplifting and catchy melodies.

Angus’s Youtube channel houses a slew of covers – “Wrecking Ball,” “The Joker,” “Thinking Out Loud” – and original material, like his most recent single, “Made to Love You.”

The new song is delicate and captures the blissful feeling of romance thanks to a gorgeous choreographed music video.

Beyond the American Idol stage, Angus has shared the stage with musical heavyweights like Andrea Bocelli and Niles Rodgers and is eyeing a return to the road with a couple of early November Pennsylvania tour dates as of now.

As far as his Spreadshop, Angus favors a stripped down approach, just like his music. Find a simple yet stylized “Drew Angus” shirt and plenty of merch for his new single, “Made to Love You.”

He’s got the voice, the talents, and the charm. And his music suggests he’s just beginning an exciting journey as far as recording and playing live shows for dedicated fans along the way.

The Low Kings

The Low Kings

Ever been curious to know what Irish and Scottish pub music sounded like rolled up into one fun-filled, crazy sound? Then The Low Kings have got you covered.

The band have delightfully branded themselves as “the sound of whiskey” due to their deep pub roots and a touring cycle that consists of pubs around the city of Pittsburgh where they are based.

The Low Kings’ celtic brand of rock is designed to be played loud with plenty of beers and dancing in the mix. You’re compelled to engage with their music in one way or another.

If you can’t make it to the Steel City to catch one of their shows, listening to their music on its own packs quite the punch. Find high spirited celtic jams like “Irish Stand Down” and even covers like “Rusty Cage” with a country celtic twist all on their Spotify.

Their Spreadshop band merch features their stand out design of celtic themed crest logo on t-shirts, hoodies, and more. The Low King make merch fit for knocking back a pint at the pub and going for a spin on the dance floor, or when you’re just chilling at home, eating ice cream from the comfort of your couch.

Gloom Wagon

Gloom Wagon

Gloom Wagon is a band that’s getting ready to dominate alternative rock radio stations and playlists this summer.

The doom themed grunge band’s first ever single came out May 21 and is a strong entry for a new band entering the scene. The song – “Haze” – is mastered by longtime grunge veteran Jack Endino who worked with Seattle bands like Nirvana, Soundgarden, and Mudhoney on seminal albums. 

Gloom Wagon aren’t far from Seattle as they’re based in Alaska and easily capture the intensity and grittiness of north western mountain rock. There’s something about that atmosphere that just unleashes the dirtiest grooves.

Their Spreadshop as of now is dedicated to promoting their new single and getting their name out there.

The artwork for “Haze” is trippy yet cartoony, like Scooby Doo meets Black Sabbath. 

Even though they don’t have much music out, they’re already working on building their brand and promoting themselves. It’s just another way to help their music be heard and their band merch worn by as many fans as possible.

Launch your own band merch today!

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