Riches in Niches

Riches in Niches

At Spreadshop, we have hundreds of shops devoted to their own unique riches in niches stories.

You might not have heard of some of these niches – magnet fishing, reefing – but they have devoted followings.

There’s power in honing your niche and using it to your advantage; no matter how obscure you think it might be.

A lot of our shop owners cross promote their merch on Youtube or socials. Which proves that you can turn your niche into a bonafide brand.

There’s a Spreadshop for anything and anybody.

We’ll prove it!

Rustic Treasure Hunters

Rustic Treasure Hunters

Rustic Treasure Hunters is a magnet fishing family team from Michigan in search of rustic and rare treasure.

They’ve found some literal riches in niches in their hunts: old revolvers, artillery shells. But their main goal with magnet fishing is actually to help clear our waterways.

Their new Youtube channel features family vlogs. Fellow magnet fishers in Michigan join them in some of their adventures. 

They even found criminal evidence in one of their latest videos!

The Rustic Treasure Hunters Spreadshop is stocked with clean and subtly branded merch that features their logo. It’s old-fashioned, but timeless – just like the treasures they find.

We hope it helps us find treasure in everyday life, whether we’re magnet fishing, or not.

Noël & Jeremy

Noël & Jeremy

Ever heard of a genre called fairy pop?

Well, the California/New Zealand duo Noël & Jeremy created it.

There’s so many niche genres of music you can have fun with: fairy pop is just one.

It consists of elements of new wave and goth rock. This blend creates a sublime mix of magical sounds and familiar textures in their music. 

It could only be fairy pop!

The band released their debut record Elementals last year, which features artwork by singer-songwriter Noël (wearing the merch above).

Producer and composer Jeremy has worked in all kinds of genres, from electronic to classical. Him and Noël share a love for the supernatural and metaphysical – which you can hear in their music.

Their merch features their album artwork on cropped and tie dye options that are perfect for summer!

ZOA Tank Boyz

ZOA Tank Boyz

No one is doing it like the ZOA Tank Boyz!

Manny and Hector share with the internet how exciting the hobby of reefing can be on their Youtube channel.

They cover all the different things you’ll need to make and maintain a coral reef tank of your own in how-to videos, tank setups, and tours. 

You can further solidify your membership in the ZTB Nation by rocking their merch!

The ZOA Tank Boyz’s Spreadshop is stocked full of fun tank-themed designs. Purchase shirts, hats, and stickers with sayings like “What’s Up Reefers!” or “Reef Squad.”

If you’re not already part of the reefing community, this could become your new hobby!

We know we’re diving in.

Faraway Forge

Faraway Forge

Faraway Forge has quite an impressive following – over 500 thousand followers on Youtube – for a one-man operation.

Keaton Goddard is a knifesmith from Nantucket, Massachusetts. He forges all the insane creations you see on the channel.

Keaton has made all kinds of unique swords, like katanas and tantos. He even has a whole series where he makes weapons from junk.

A pirate’s sword, viking axe, and rapier are just a few things to come out of these crazy DIY experiences.

The merch in the Faraway Forge shop reflects the artistry of Keaton’s creations with the same cutting-edge style.

Just be careful with the axe, Keaton!

Steve Papa

Steve Papa

Steve Papa is a Youtube OG! 

He launched his channel in 2006 with skit and parody video but has flipped his format to be more specific recently.

He talks about watches now. Yeah, that’s right: watches.

I never thought I’d be interested in what’s going on in the watch game, but Steve has changed all that. 

His channel is perfect for enthusiasts and beginners. He breaks down the newest and trendiest wrist wear in the game with unboxings, reviews, and funny reactions videos.

You can catch him wearing his self-designed merch in one of his latest unboxings! 

His merch even incorporates another one of his passions: video games. Check out those Donkey Kong and Pacman references in Steve’s Spreadshop.

We hope these shops inspire you to take your own riches in niches interest and make some merch.

Nothing is too obscure. 

Find riches in your niches. Open your Spreadshop today!

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