New Year, New Discount Promotions: January-February 2022

New Year, New Discount Promotions: January-February 2022

Have big plans for your Spreadshop in 2022? Want to improve your marketing strategies, gain new customers and sell more? Then be sure to take advantage of these fresh discount promotions in the coming months!

New discount promotions in January & February 2022

  • January 2-4: 22% off everything / New Year’s discount
  • January 11-13: Free shipping
  • January 24-27: 15% off everything
  • February 2-4: Free shipping
  • February 14: 20% off everything / Anti-Valentine’s Day special
  • February 20-22: 15% off everything

As always, you are free to adjust the start date of your discount promotions within a 60-day window– 30 days before or after the official promotion date. Just go to your discount calendar (Edit Shop > Prices & Discounts > Discount promotions).

Questions about your Shop discounts? Write us here or in the Spreadshop forum.


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