Assortment Update February 2022

Assortment Update February 2022

Product News – North America

You’re going to love this month’s product additions! Next to brand new colors for the Men’s Organic T-Shirt, we’ve also added some fresh hues for the bigger sizes of the Premium Hoodie for both women and men. Be sure to add them to your range!

New Colors

ID 1352 Men’s Organic T-Shirt

One of our favorite organic products is now also available in heather grey, charcoal grey, red & royal blue

ID 444 Women’s Premium Hoodie

This hoodie shouldn’t be missing in anyone’s product range. Size 3XL is now also available in black, navy, heather grey, and white

ID 20 Men’s Premium Hoodie

Of course, what’s true for women also holds true for men. This essential hooded sweatshirt is now also available in different colors for sizes 3XL-5XL: black, navy, heather grey, and white.

Color deactivation

ID 1544 Women’s Performance Racerback Tank

The manufacturer discontinues the color azalea, and we are currently looking to replace it with a similar color.

Product News – Europe

 We don’t have too many news this time around, but we’re excited to be able to offer new colors for one of our firm favorites: the mighty Premium Hoodie.

New colors

ID 20 Men’s Premium Hoodie

For sizes 3XL, 4XL, 5XL, the following colors have just been added: white, black & heather grey. Navy will follow soon.

ID 444 Women’s Premium Hoodie

For 3XL, we’ve just added white, black & heather grey as well. Navy will follow soon

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