It’s Groundhog Day – But Not in Your Spreadshop!

It’s Groundhog Day - But Not in Your Spreadshop

It might be Groundhog Day, but it doesn’t have to feel that way in your Spreadshop. There are plenty of ways to break out of your daily routine and change up your shop.

According to a little guy named Phil, we’ve got 6 more weeks of winter to look forward to. That doesn’t mean you can’t have spring on the brain. The changing of seasons is the perfect time to refresh your shop with new designs and products.

Don’t be afraid to try something new! Your customers want to see you change things up and take creative chances. Your favorite furry pal Phil is here to help!

get out of your hole

Pop Up For Air

When you’ve been doing the same routine for so long it can be difficult to see options outside of that. It’s important to get a new perspective. You should want to make changes and keep your Spreadshop exciting for returning customers.

Maybe you have social accounts and have been posting consistently on them, but you’re still not finding your audience. Try targeted ads that can put you in touch with your niche. You don’t have to spend a lot of money, either. You set the price and other stats in the ad. If you feel like your design skills are impacting the quality of your merch, there’s plenty of FREE and pay-to-play design tools that aren’t Photoshop. You don’t need to be a pro-level designer to get quality designs that your customers will love.

Try something new this year that takes you out of the Groundhog Day loop you’re in. If it doesn’t work out how you want, it will still be a learning experience that’s  beneficial for your brand.

plan for spring

Planning For Spring

We know, Phil said we’ve still got some snowy days to look forward to. But spring is the perfect time to update your shop. Send those hoodies and sweatshirts to the back of your site and put tank tops and water bottles front and center.

If you’re looking to rush out spring-themed designs, we have some merch hacks that can speed up the process. You can keep it simple with bright or pastel color schemes. Put a springtime spin on some of your older designs, too. Spreadshop has products that are staples for the spring. This bucket hat from Modern Millie is a cute merch option for the season. It doesn’t look like it’s merch from your favorite content creator, just a fun design. You don’t have to go overboard with it.

We also have new products launching every month, like this organic hoodie that went live last week. Keep your eyes on your blog for these updates!

Grow From Your Mistakes

Grow From Your Mistakes

While it’s important to grow and expand your Spreadshop, you also need to address the mistakes you made in the past. We’re not talking about earth-shattering mistakes, just things you could have taken into consideration.

For example, ignoring feedback from your customers doesn’t look good for you or your shop. Sure, you built your brand, but you can’t have all the answers or always do the right thing. If designs you made aren’t selling well, maybe that’s on you – not your customers. 

Show appreciation for your customers by hosting giveaways and asking for their input on designs. Run polls on your socials or ask fans to create their own designs. This is going to create more conversation around your merch, which is what you want. Showing appreciation for your customers is essential to growing your merch brand and building meaningful relationships. You can thank Phil for that.

Groundhog Day shouldn’t be a thing that’s happening with your Spreadshop. It’s important to change it up, and we hope we inspired you with some ideas.

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