Use Targeted Ads to Engage Your Niche

Use Targeted Ads to Engage Your Niche

Targeted ads are an effective way to engage your niche and market your merch. Who needs a complex marketing strategy when you can go directly to the source?

Whatever niche your merch falls into – crafting, sports, an obscure music genre – there’s likely an audience for it. You just have to find them. Keywords, demographics and eye-catching images can all help you engage with a niche group.

Targeted ads bring all these elements together and are easy to run across socials like Instagram and Facebook. Knowing your merch is essential. Read on to see how targeted ads can take your Spreadshop merch to the next level!

Go to the Source

Go to the Source

Even with clear direction, traditional marketing campaigns aren’t as effective as targeted ads. Target ads allow you to specify the people you’re targeting in greater detail. Reach those in your area or on a national level with key words that are relevant to your niche.

Find the most commonly used hashtags related to your niche and use that for inspiration. See what posts are trending in those categories and what the content looks like. What makes the biggest impact for users on a particular platform?

Going straight to the source lets you bypass people who wouldn’t be interested in your merch anyway. You can get more with your money and out of your marketing strategy this way. You don’t have to worry about finding an audience and attracting followers. Make it easy: go to them.


Be Personal

Be Personal

Using targeted ads to engage your niche allows you to speak in a more personal way. You don’t have to craft language that can apply to a slew of demographics. Use language that you know people in your niche will relate to.

Relay inside jokes or phrases that only those you’re targeting will understand. People are more inclined to interact with posts that feel authentic. Marketing jargon won’t get you very far. Treat these ads like you’re talking to a friend or family member. Make your message simple/ New merch designs, exclusive offers and sales are just a few ways to hook people on socials.

You’re already a brand, whether you know it or not. Spreadshop just helps you take it to the next level.

Tailor Your Content

Tailor Your Content

The kind of content you use for your targeted ads is key. You want posts that make users stop mid-scroll. Slide-through posts are a great way to generate more engagement. Show different products from your shop so people can see the range of merch you have. T-shirts aren’t the only merch item out there! We’ve got plenty of products to choose from.

Choose photos that capture your merch. Avoid using stock images and take the time to create your own promotional materials. Putting in that extra effort is going to make your merch look so much more appealing. These are photos that you can use in ads now and continue to use for different types of promotions you have in the future. 

Plenty of promos coming up!

Create a Connection

Create a Connection

The best thing that can come from targeted ads: a meaningful connection. It’s nice if people buy some of your merch or follow your account based on a post. But it means even more when those people remain dedicated to your content and merch.

Targeted ads are a great entry point for people new to your merch. You can approach them in a way that feels natural because they’re the ones that are going to relate. The message of your ads doesn’t need to be about specific merch items, either. It can be an introduction to your Spreadshop as a whole.

Connections are made when you appear authentic and dedicated to what you’re doing. People can tell when someone’s not genuine. You just have to be you. That’s what targeted ads can help you do.

Need merch? We’ve got you covered. Open your Spreadshop today!

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William Wheeler
William Wheeler
2 years ago

I want to do something, but what steps do I take to get started.

Passion Hund
2 years ago

I’m trying, but I always loose money when it comes to ads… Don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

Harchand ray
2 years ago

The design that I have made is made by myself and made of all the autonomy that you will like very much so please help me ..

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