How to Market Your Merch

How To Market Your Merch

Making merch is one thing, but how can you effectively market your merch to your followers?

Creating conversations and building trust with your online presence is going to be essential. But you won’t make all these connections in one space. People live on multiple platforms today – Tik Tok, Instagram, Pinterest. You need to go to THEM. Make content that suits those audiences. People on Tik Tok aren’t going to respond to the same things that people on Pinterest will. Create a marketing strategy that feels genuine – but is still specific to who you’re targeting.

Learn more about how you can market your Spreadshop merch to users on all corners of the internet.


Tik Tok

Tik Tok is the most rapidly growing platform for content creators. Especially those that sell merch! The easiest and most efficient way to promote your merch on Tik Tok is to link your Spreadshop in your profile. This makes for good call-backs to your merch when you mention it in videos or for people who find your account randomly. The max video length for Tik Toks might be 60 seconds, but you can fit so much in that time frame. Play trending Tik Tok songs in the background, use funny filters or voice effects. You’ll be playing into what’s popular but hopefully be creating something that feels original.

Or make callbacks to your content with your merch like one of our brand ambassadors, Clueless Bushcraft (Tom). He filmed a Tik Tok of him doing everyday bushcraft, homestead things while wearing his merch. Tom made sure to direct his followers to the link in his bio to buy merch. And he even talked about upcoming designs that will soon be available in his shop. He proves that here’s a way to make merch-related content that doesn’t feel like stale promo. You need to put yourself and your message into it or people won’t buy what you’re selling (literally).

But not everyone will connect with your merch.

Hashtags should be used on every platform. They are particularly effective in finding your niche on Tik Tok. Targeting people with hashtags is going to pair you with audiences that are best suited for your merch. When people see how effectively you can market your own merch, it can open new business opportunities, like sponsorships. Marketability can be tricky. Staying genuine is the key.

Learn more about marketing your merch on Tik Tok by checking out our Ultimate Selling Guide!



You can do so much on Instagram to help market your merch.

With reels, stories, and static posts – there are many ways to break up content and promote your merch. But like any algorithm, Instagram favors those that are active and engaged with followers and the general community. Differentiate what works as a temporary story (24 hours) versus what feels like evergreen content for your profile. Promote limited sales and exclusive merch drops on stories. Take professional looking merch photos that will always be on your page. And don’t worry about having a fancy camera or professional lighting. You can find everything you need to create quality content right from your phone. If people have already bought your merch and are posting pictures of themselves wearing it, repost those! They just gave you free advertising, essentially. 

Directing people to your shop on Instagram is a little different than other platforms.

You’ll have to get used to saying, “check out my merch at the link in my bio,” and things like that. Creating a one-stop link is ideal for Instagram and other socials. It can hold your shop, socials, and other projects you want to promote. Users who click on it will be able to learn more about you and your merch instantly.

Check out our blog for the best link in bio tools for merch sellers to find the one that’s right for you and your shop.

If you find that you have enough strong content and want to expand your marketing, ads are the next step. They can be in video or photo form and be targeted to specific demographics: age groups, similar interests, etc. Find out what posts would make good ads by checking your Instagram Insights and seeing what your followers respond to.

Learn more about using Instagram ads by following our 5-step guide.



When you think about merch marketing, Pinterest probably doesn’t come to mind. But Pinterest’s layout allows you to maximize your content and brand in unique ways. You can easily find like-minded people that share interests and hobbies suited for your merch. Plus, those that are eager to buy. According to a recent study, 60 percent of users start product research and form ideas on what to buy on Pinterest.

What you would normally call a post on any other platform is referred to as a “pin” on Pinterest. A pin can consist of an image, video, or text. This will allow you to add links to your shop or socials. Attach relevant tags to your pins so people who search similar keywords will be able to find them more easily. 

Pinterest also breaks up the type of content people might be looking for.

If someone wants creative ideas or input, the Explore tab provides plenty of inspiration. For consumers – and what you as a shop owner want to focus on – the Shop tab gives users product options and listings. Those most related to their search history appear at the top.

Take the time to take some high-quality photos that fit with the Pinterest aesthetic. Make sure that these images are vertical. 85 percent of Pinterest users interact on mobile devices. And shoot for a 2:3 aspect ratio. Align these images with the theme of your shop to create more engaging content.

People want to see something that’s unique to you. Think of how you can show your merch that not only reflects your shop, but your personality, too.

If you’re active on Pinterest and are engaging with users, the numbers will climb.

Check out our Ultimate Guide to Selling Merch on Pinterest to learn more about creating merch for the platform.



Merch has been a great, additional revenue stream for content creators on Youtube since the beginning. There’s a connection creators have with their followers on Youtube that you can’t get anywhere else. And merch is an extension of that bond.

The easiest way to market your merch is, again, having that shop link or one-stop link in the description bar of your videos. If you want to really get the word out, you should create a dedicated video about your merch.

One of our Brand Ambassadors, Daniel Batal, did exactly that.

Daniel helps connect other content creators with the tools they need to succeed on Youtube, and beyond. His personality is essential to his brand. He stayed true to his voice  when he talked about opening a Spreadshop in his video: Making Money on Youtube WITHOUT Being Monetized. He plugged his merch, but he also provided something of value to his subscribers that aligns with his other content. Think of how you can do the same for your channel.

Outside of creating specific videos, it’s always good to remind your followers about your merch at the end of your videos. A tagline, of sorts. Youtubers are always telling people to subscribe and check them out on socials, and this can be part of that. Throw on a t-shirt from your shop to show followers what your merch looks like in real life. Reassure them it’s something you’re proud to wear.

Don’t forget to remind people of sales or offers in your shop, either. Spreadshop is always offering discounts. It’s also a great way to engage your subscribers. Get input from them on the designs and styles they want to see.

Become a Youtube marketing pro by following our Ultimate Guide to Selling Merch on Youtube.



Facebook might be the elder statesmen of the social media bunch, but it’s value shouldn’t be understated! There’s already an audience waiting for you, whether you realize it or not.

Groups on Facebook are designed for you to interact with people who have similar interests. Plus, they’re basically free advertising. The Tik Tok creator we mentioned before, Clueless Bushcraft, has a Spreadshop that would be perfect to share in outdoor related groups. He could drop in content from Tik Tok or wherever else with links to buy his merch in the description. It wouldn’t feel out of place because his brand is deeply rooted in the homestead, DIY lifestyle. Just be sure to look at the group restrictions so you don’t spam users with irrelevant information and get blocked as a result.

You can also create individual product listings on Facebook as part of your marketing strategy.

Take high quality photographs you’ve used across other socials for product photos in your Facebook shop. This is ideal for small business owners who want to get the word out. And you can even set it up so people are directed to your shop page to complete their purchase. Facebook is just a helpful intermediary in this situation, bringing users to your shop from their site.

Our Ultimate Guide to Selling Merch on Facebook will give you even greater insight into everything Facebook marketing.

Launch your Spreadshop today and start marketing your merch!


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