Make Money on YouTube WITHOUT being Monetized!

From video editing, Youtube growth strategies, to content creation, and tips & tricks, Daniel Batal is a real powerhouse of creator knowledge!

Watch Daniel show you how easy it is to make money on Youtube with Spreadshop, without even being officially monetized. Then scroll down to learn more.

The Perfect Brand Ambassador for Spreadshop?

At Spreadshop, we’ve never been a fan of just paying people to say nice things about us. That always felt very fake and contrived. We’ve worked very hard since 2016 to focus on our product and service to make it the very best for creators of all kinds. At Spreadshop, it’s safe to say we value authenticity and being real. That’s why we we have worked hard to vet our upcoming Brand Ambassadors. Beyond fake infomercials or flashy influencers, we want to bring you real value. More on that in a moment.

Our biggest problem at Spreadshop is…

We have been around in some form in the merch game for nearly 20 years now (wow!!!), and yet we’re still not very known. We’re definitely not “famous”. We’re happy to say we are trusted by our shop owners. Many have stayed with us for almost as long as we have been in existence (looking at you, Amorphia Apparel). That’s pretty awesome.

Sometimes, we seem to be moving and growing so fast, we forget to pause and re-introduce ourselves.

Hello. We are Spreadshop.

Hello. It’s us. Your old friend Spreadshop.

You may know us originally as Spreadshirt, which is now technically “Spread Group”, which is…. WOW, this can all get pretty confusing. We know. Our bad. We’re excited to be growing so fast and evolving into something very special. Spreadshop is part of a growing family of global brands empowering self-expression on-demand.

Our upcoming lineup of Brand Ambassadors will help us re-introduce Spreadshop to the world. They are real voices that bring real value to our shop owners, both new and old.

Why we ? Daniel Batal

We searched far and wide trying to find voices that we feel align with our brand mission and values. It was never about the size of the follower or subscriber count. It was about the size of the message.

In our very first video chat with Daniel, he didn’t tell us how amazing he was (he is though), or offer a cold press kit with influencer pricing. He instead asked us:

“What kind of value can I bring to Spreadshop owners?”

That was the right question, and the right answer.

In fact, when Daniel received our first message he replied and said he didn’t realize “Spreadshop” was even Spreadshirt. OUCH!!! See???!!! When he put two and two together he said it was an easy switch back for him because he trusted our quality at Spreadshirt in the past. He only left us originally because he didn’t know there was now another option for his Youtube Merch Shelf.  And the other service he was using (which shall remain nameless), didn’t ship to his fans in key countries. He was genuinely excited that we had reached out:

“What took you so long?”

We were busy building awesome things behind the scenes. (like better, faster printing for your shop.) Now we’re ready to tell the world. In the upcoming weeks and months, Daniel will be diving deeper into topics like sales strategies for Youtubers, Merch Shelf intergration and bettering his own Spreadshop and shirt designs. Stick around, he’ll show you how.

Stick Around, Daniel Batal will show you how!

Interested in becoming a brand ambassador for Spreadshop?

We’re on the lookout for more awesome ambassadors like Daniel. Are you a good fit? Tell us why. Fill out our form here.

Check out more of Daniel’s work on his Youtube Channel.

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Ali Jaan
Ali Jaan
3 years ago


Jungle Jim
Jungle Jim
3 years ago

It’s nice to see that Tom Araya is doing well now that Slayer’s retired. Really cool stuff!

Malaika Burley
Malaika Burley
3 years ago

I actually just mentioned on IGTV that Daniel Batal’s live stream with D.J. was how I discovered Spreadshop. And I’m so glad I did. Love this collab!

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