The Best Link in Bio Tools for Merch Sellers

The Best Link in Bio Tools for Merch Sellers

Social media is essential for merch sellers to promote their shop, but what’s the best way to share links? Just sharing your shop link will work for socials like Twitter and Facebook, but it doesn’t offer you the ability to tell your full story. That’s is where link in bio tools come in to play.

A way to maximize the amount of content you can promote across socials is to use apps built for living in the link in bio section of your profiles.

Tools like Linktree and Lnk.Bio have become increasingly popular on Instagram, but work just as well for TikTok, Youtube and other socials.

You can not only link your shop using these tools, but also use them to share other social media links, your website, podcast, whatever, so people can learn more about your merch. 

Read our breakdown of the best link in bio tools for your social profiles to see which one is right for you and your shop!



Linktree is great for all content creators, no matter the size of your audience. It’s a space where you can organize all your links clearly and let your content live longer than it would on your feed.

Linktree brand themselves as “the only link you’ll ever need” to help promote yourself to other social users on any platform. 

Create fun names for your links and add social icons to the bottom of your Linktree so people know where they can follow you.

If you favor simplicity and clean design, this might just be the app for you. Reflect the feel of your shop and brand with different theme options, fonts, and other features.

What you’ll get with a Free Plan:

  • Unlimited links
  • Social icons
  • Thumbnail Image
  • Preset themes only

Premium Plan ($6 a month) gets you free features plus the ability to:

  • Customize your background, buttons, fonts
  • Access premium themes
  • Optimize advanced analytics and insights
  • Emphasis priority links
  • Schedule your links
  • Collect newsletter email signups
  • Remove Linktree logo from page
Link in Profile

Link in Profile

Link in Profile is a great option for people that are exclusively promoting their merch on Instagram.

Instead of using buttons or other toggles, it takes the posts you already have on your Instagram profile and allows you to add links individually. People can click on a post with merch that interests them and it will take them to the direct product page when you add in the link. 

This format is great for sellers that want to have a visual type of communication between them and their customers. It’s kind of the Instagram version of your Spreadshop.

You can try a 30-day risk-free trial to test it out, but a Personal Plan ($9.99 a month) from Link In Profile will include:

  • A dedicated landing page
  • A branded landing page for your Instagram handle and profile
  • Zero-effort management
  • Commerce links for your shop page and other affiliate links
  • Stats and analytics features
  • An infinite scroll of your profile


Another great link in bio tool for people on Instagram is literally called just that: Lnk.Bio. 

You can log in through Instagram and start to add your links by using icons and text and arrange the layout how you want. It’s a mobilized landing page for all your links. 

Add videos or image blocks. Tack an About Me video to the top of your page. Tell a story behind your merch and provide images and links for products below. You decide.

Lnk.Bio’s Free Plan will let you add as many links and images as you want, but you’ll get a random URL and have no additional features.

The Mini-Monthly Plan ($0.99 a month) and the Mini-One Time Plan ($9.99 one time) will get you:

  • A custom URL
  • Link scheduling
  • Ability to sync with Instagram
  • Link tracking and stats 


Campsite is a tool that works great for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and even part of an email tagline if you send newsletters with updates on your shop.

It’s easy-to-use interface gives you everything you would need in a social profile. Campsite alsp provides unlimited link options, lets you link to your socials, and allows you to customize your brand with certain colors and themes depending on the plan you choose.

You can attach Instagram images to each link, or use the design tool Canva that’s integrated with Campsite to design your own custom carousels or images (pro plan).

Their Free Plan claims to offer features you’ll pay for on other services:

  • Control of Campsite branding, including colors and fonts
  • Change the title of your Campsite and add an intro
  • See how many times your links have been clicked
  • Add images to links from your Instagram account

The Pro Plan ($7 a month) gets you all the free features plus:

  • Manage up to 3 different Campsite profiles 
  • Use a custom domain
  • Hide Campsite branding
  • Upload custom images
  • Access to Unsplash library
  • Integrate with Google Sheets or Mailchimp
  • Detailed traffic insights from Google analytics
  • And MORE!


ContactInBio allows you to connect all your links and social profiles on what they call a micro-landing page.

They are also among the most interactive of link in bio tools by making it easy for customers to reach out to you through their Messenger service. 

You can create smart links for messengers like Whatsapp, Facebook, and others, that will allow you to connect to people on these platforms with just a click.

ContactInBio’s whole thing is turning followers into customers, and helping you showcase your products with images (Yearly Plan) that are backed by engaging features, like a call to action and other text.

The Free Starter Plan gets you:

  • Custom profile/bio URL
  • Import your links from Linktree
  • Social media buttons
  • 7 free themes
  • Customization of text, links, and button color styles
  • Link clicks tracking 
  • Page visitors analytics

The Yearly Plan ($2.60 a month) gets you everything in the Starter Plan plus:

  • Manage multiple accounts
  • Customized page design and colors
  • Remove ContactInBio branding
  • Image and video uploading
  • Description
  • Link thumbnails
  • Priority support


Milkshake will bring all your content to the yard for FREE. 

They transform what a link in bio tool can do by giving you an interactive website instead of a static landing page. No desktops, design or web skills needed!

Cards on the app work as pages on a website would and can be swiped through like they’re Instagram Stories. Add text, images, blog posts, links, and more. Customize them with Milkshake’s color themes and templates.

This allows you to be more creative with the way you promote your merch and socials. Add a podcast link using your photo, talk about the inspiration behind your designs next to product advertisements. Merge the gap between creative and commerce in one place.

Other additional features:

  • Share your website to Instagram Stories
  • Access analytics and insights
  • Create an email link
  • Create a call/message link


Another Instagram tool, Feedlink generates a feed from your Instagram posts and lets you add links to posts, just like Link in Profile. 

Everytime you post something new on Instagram, it will go straight to your Feedlink so you can add whatever link you want. Put posts in different albums based on content or other socials.

You can even sell merch through your feed by linking your Spreadshop to merch-related posts.

And even though it’s pulling content from your Instagram, you can use Feedlink wherever: in a tweet, in your Youtube captions, Facebook bio, etc.

What you get with each plan:

Free Plan

  • 1 source link
  • 10 albums
  • Facebook page albums
  • Instagram albums
  • Photos update every 24 hours

Pro Plan ($19 a month)

  • 2 source link
  • Unlimited albums
  • Facebook page galleries
  • Twitter albums
  • Multiple layouts and options
  • Automatic Facebook sync
  • Photo updates every 15 minutes
Tap Bio

Tap Bio

While Milkshake boosts about giving users their own little website, Tap Bio lets you develop and personalize mini-websites with different links.

You’ll have a traditional landing page with this tool but “cards” will act as different pages or sections. Give each card a different function to speak to something new.

Make a card for your shop with links to products and incorporate your designs. Have one just for socials or one dedicated to a podcast. This will offer easy navigation for users and help you build a cohesive design aesthetic.

Different account options:

Free Plan

  • 1 profile
  • 1 card for 1 unique link

Silver Plan ($5 a month)

  • 3 additional cards
  • Link analytics

Gold Plan ($12 a month)

  • Infinite number of cards
  • Stats
  • Use up to 3 Instagram accounts


Koji is a tool that gives you an endless amount of design options and add-on possibilities. 

It’s like if a link in bio tool merged with an app store. You can add your own external links or choose from their app options called Kojis. 

The different Kojis provide solutions to help you engage your audience, grow your network, crowdsource content, and maximize themes.

Since the options are so endless, their blog and Youtube tutorials are going to be essential resources. 

This tool is geared towards people who really know their brand and how to optimize it. I wouldn’t really recommend it for people just starting to market their shop –  it might be too overwhelming.



Flowpage is one of the newer link in bio developments that gives you a space to house your social, video, and other favorite links.

It feels like an elevated version of LinkTree and is easy to navigate. 

Add a profile picture/bio and organize your links and video and image content. Flowpage also provides you with suggested templates directed towards certains professions or intentions.

Track how your page is performing across social platforms and embed custom content like Spotify playlists or Twitch streams directly on your page.


Be sure to open your own Spreadshop today!

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Glenn Phillips
11 months ago


Thank you for sharing such informative information. but I think you also include Linkme.

1 year ago

I would recommend you use https://Bigger.Bio for your link in bio tool

LJ Artica
2 years ago

So many new ones that are much better too. from AppSumo
But my favorite is
So versatile.

Abdul Salam
2 years ago


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