Celebrate Pride With Spreadshop

Celebrate Pride with Spreadshop

Another June means another chance for Spreadshop to celebrate pride month!

We are so inspired by those in the LGBTQ+ community that continue to use Spreadshop to help promote their businesses, creative endeavors, and overall message of love through merch.

From podcasts to YouTube channels to educational projects that raise awareness, the shops below share innovative content and good energy by honoring their passions.

Browse their wide selection of merch offerings and show your love for pride and members of the community this June and year round.

The Gayly Dose

The Gayly Dose

Looking for a dose of pride in your podcasts? Look no further than The Gayly Dose, a hilarious and incredibly genuine podcast featuring four best friends: Helmut, Bennett, Stuart, and Dante.

The Gayly Dose is a no bullsh*t zone where gay men can have honest and vulnerable conversations they wouldn’t normally have in traditional gay settings. Within the safe space they’ve created, they can explore all kinds of taboo topics: like nudity, monogamy, and the age old question: can Jesus be sexy?

Their personalities are what really make this podcast stand out, and they all bring something special to the table.

Helmut is a biomedical engineer and a father to three girls. Bennett is the sound guy who relates to everyone, he’s the “I’ve been there” guy. Stuart is a sweet Southern boy turned jet-setting businessman. And Dante is the baby of the group who has all the lifestyle tips like what you should be wearing and where you should be eating.

These collective and unique personalities make for great conversation, whether they’re talking about challenging and uncomfortable topics or just chatting like friends do.

Their merch is also one-of-a-kind. 

Products in their shop feature their nightlife style The Gayly Dose logo and Call to Kiki tagline. Get their merch in t-shirt, hoodie, or hat form, and you can even decorate your home with throw pillows and drinkware.

The Gayly Dose also features occasional special guests from an array of fields. 

Listen to them in conversation with Calvin Arsenia – an ethereal vocalist and harpist – about discovering his sexuality and his experience with the church. 

You can also sit in the chair with Steve Hightower – hair stylist and philanthropist – as he dishes with the guys about some of his top celeb clients.

So wear their merch, listen to the pod, and connect seamlessly with their infectious personalities –  no matter what topic they’re discussing. 

They’ll feel like lifelong friends in no time.

Matt Baume

Matt Baume

Matt Baume is bringing queer power through his merch and his YouTube channel.

Baume’s videos consist of timely discussions and offer thoughtful insights into powerful LGBTQ+ milestones in pop culture. He’s covered many eras of television, including a wide array of sitcoms like Friends, Bewitched, and Living Single.

If you’re living your best life after watching the Friends reunion special, check out Baume’s video on the straightening of the Chandler Bing character. Things definitely look different in hindsight.

Watching The Nanny all over again now that it’s on HBO Max? Baume dedicates an entire video to the beloved sitcom and shows how The Nanny treated gay characters like real people at a time when other shows used them as cause for crisis or a time for intervention.

If sitcoms aren’t your thing, one of his newest videos covers a show that a lot of millennials love: Rocko’s Modern Life. He talks about the show’s adult humor that child minds couldn’t grasp at the time, and the ways different cartoon characters have hinted at coming out of the closet.

You’ll get wrapped up in his videos (the YouTube wormhole, as I like to call it) and be watching for hours. There’s a lot of important information to be learned about how sexuality has been interpreted in the media throughout the years. You’ll see the shift in how different generations and cultures have treated gay characters. 

We’ve come a long way.

All of this history and knowledge is important, but it’s really Baume’s insatiable personality that will have you returning for each new notification that pops up on your phone.

Baume’s Spreadshop has merch that is prideful and simply stylized. Rock statements like “Queer Power” and “Thank God I’m Queer” on t-shirts, totes, whatever you prefer. 

They aren’t obvious references to his Youtube channel, but Baume’s personality and genuineness is still there.

TMN Merch Market

TMN Merch Market

TMN Merch Market is a shop run by Trans Matters Now, a site that connects trans, queer, and gender nonconforming folks to services that matter across the U.S., such as jobs, resources, support, community, news, and more.

They do amazing work that empowers people in the community to be successful. 

Career wise, TMN have been connecting trans people with jobs since 2017 and helping them find applicable job postings, offer resume reviews, and other interview prep. Their program Out of the Closet is an initiative that helps put people in appropriately gendered clothing they’ll feel comfortable wearing to their jobs or in their daily lives.

This year, TMN called on people to submit their stories in honor of Transgender Day of Visibility (March 31). If you yourself are not a part of the transgender community, TMN demonstrates how important it is to be an ally. 

TMN Merch Market itself houses dozens upon dozens of merch designs that capture the essence of pride and what it means to feel like a superhero in your own skin.

Their Super Queero! Merch features a hero with hands on their hips and a rainbow pride flag waving behind them. 

In terms of practicing self-acceptance (even if you’re not a part of the trans or queer community) their Love Yourself merch says it all. There’s a whimsy to the art that makes you feel empowered to be your authentic self.

They even show a nod to Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood with a TMN touch: A Beautiful Day in the Gayborhood.

TMN offers other inclusive designs that are both incredibly artistic and resonant in their messaging, whether it’s addressing trans visibility or black lives matter.

Scroll their Spreadshop and learn more about their cause in helping support and grow the lives of transgender, queer, and non-conforming folks.

A portion of merch sales goes directly to TMN.

SweetTea, The Drag Queen

SweetTea, The Drag Queen

SweetTea, or the House wine of Florida, as she likes to call herself, is a drag queen with style and sass to boot.

She’s a huge fan of Mariah Carey and loves living that glamorous life, dripping in diamonds and sequins. She also loves to get kooky with her looks.

What’s better than dressing up as Patrick Star from The Spongebob Squarepants Movie, wearing matching lace up boots, and lip syncing to The Ting Tings?

When she’s not posting drop dead gorgeous looks over on the gram, she’s working hard to win Miss Glamorous Newcomer 2021 in July. 

The competition is a pageant specifically for drag queens that requires participants to compete in three different categories: presentation, gown, and solo talent. The competition is a great way to promote and recognize up and coming drag talent. The winner collects a grand prize of $5,000 cash

If you can’t make it to the event in Orlando to show your support, buying Sweet Tea’s merch is a great alternative. 

She has SweetTea merch that features her head as a tea cup, with an ST tea bag dipped inside.

Or go for something like her Sunken Place merch that has her likeness done up in a cute animated style, holding her tea cup with a long-nailed pinkie sticking out.

Since we can’t quite get out to drag shows yet, buying merch from performers like SweetTea ensures your support and allows you to rep new talent.

Celebrate by opening your own Spreadshop Today!

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18 days ago

Thank you

6 months ago

Thank you for sharing!

8 months ago

I adore them. They contend that traditional LGBT settings and the queer community as a whole lack such safe spaces. The urge to foster interpersonal connection is critical now more than ever. They effectively elicit more personal, small-group discussions using a continuation approach. One podcast at a time, they seek to expand each uniquely queer experience and support a more vibrant sense of self. Make it a point to pay attention frequently and carry on the conversation with family and friends. My beloved team of GambloriumDE experts is also very supportive so I’m so happy to be a part of the team

8 months ago

Ethnography is a fascinating research method that allows us to delve into the intricacies of human behavior, culture, and social dynamics. By immersing ourselves in a particular community or setting, we can gain valuable insights that go beyond surface-level observations. In recent years, the practice of ethnography has extended its reach beyond traditional academic research and has found relevance in various fields, including business, marketing, and even writing services.asdgfsdgds

8 months ago

Ethnography is a fascinating research method that allows us to delve into the intricacies of human behavior, culture, and social dynamics. By immersing ourselves in a particular community or setting, we can gain valuable insights that go beyond surface-level observations. In recent years, the practice of ethnography has extended its reach beyond traditional academic research and has found relevance in various fields, including business, marketing, and even writing services.

8 months ago

Nice post, very useful!

9 months ago

To be honest, I’m so happy that now people have a chance to celebrate pride month proudly without hiding who they truly are. Years ago, there were already people related to the LGBT community, but it was a different time. That topic was closed, stigmatized, and such people probably never admitted their sexuality in public. Nowadays, it’s all different, but still, in each country, we have a stigma. That’s why it’s important to show people that it’s something totally normal. I’m working on one project related to LGBT, and I’ve found so much different info. On this site https://edubirdie.com/examples/lgbt/ I found different samples, which helped me to build the structure of my paper. And I also found different stories on how complicated it can be nowadays if you’re a member of the LGBT community. But I’d also like to show that the community is huge, and there is always possible to find support and love.

9 months ago

Wow, such a great article; thank you!

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