Why Merch is the New Business Card

Why Merch is the New Business Card

Merch is the new business card. Save paper by making t-shirts and more. You’ll leave a memorable impression and stand out from competitors.

Spreadshop makes it easy for you to make merch featuring your logo and other brand messaging. It will look like you put in more effort in the eyes of potential customers and collaborators. And it’s going to have personal intention behind it, something a piece of paper just doesn’t have.

Learn more about how merch can benefit your brand and business!

make a memorable introduction

Pleased to Meet You

If you want to leave an impression on someone, merch is the way to go. It’s easy to lose or forget about a business card someone hands you. Merch is more tangible and helps establish an initial connection.

Whether you’re attending a networking event like a conference or just have it in your office space, merch shows how much you care about what you do. You’ve taken the time to create something tangible for your business. That t-shirt, tote bag, or, hey, even sticker, takes your brand to the next level. Handing out merch for free can be beneficial. The return can be greater than the investment. Even if other competitors are selling merch, it’s not going to look like yours.

merch is personal

Be Personal

Merch shows that you care about your company, but it also shows you care about your customers. It’s more than just a face value connection. It helps you stand out when attending big conferences or events in your community. Having merch in place of a business card feels more personal, in general.

When people are surrounded by your merch, they can’t help but form a connection with you. Especially if it’s something they use everyday. They’ll see that sticker you gave them when they reach for their planner. That tote you handed out during an event is their go-to for running errands. Around 50 percent of people who receive promotional products use them daily.

People will feel like they’re part of something special. Running a business is a team effort involving co-workers AND clients. And merch, even just a t-shirt, is a symbol of that.

builds your brand identity

Branding 101

Establishing a brand can sound overwhelming. But it’s easy when you follow the values of your company and stick to a stylized look. Graphics and a set color scheme are essential to this. And having merch for your business solidifies your brand. So many businesses are using merch marketing to help define their brand and stand out in the marketplace. And it takes seconds to upload designs onto products with Spreadshop.

Use your logo or create designs based around your brand colors. You want your merch to feel cohesive and like an extension of your brand. When you enforce branding with merch, it will become easier for people to identify you. They’ll immediately associate your logo and color scheme with your business. Which is important when you’re in a crowded marketplace.

stand out from competition

Set Yourself Apart

Whether it’s in your community or the niche group your business is in, it’s important to stand out from competition. Merch gives you that edge. When others continue to hand out tiny pieces of paper, diversify your business with t-shirts, sweatshirts, stickers, and more. Don’t be deterred from being the first to make merch, that should actually be an incentive. It’s important to set yourself apart. It’s hard to say if having merch will attract more clients/customers, but it definitely gets your name out there.

Interested clients will associate your company values with your company branding. This can create more responsibility, but should be taken seriously to benefit your organization. You will become a unique and engaging brand. Whether that’s people investing in your resources, or sharing your social media posts, it’s all beneficial. You might even inspire others to make merch.

Merch gives you so much branding potential, which makes it the new business card. Be personal and extend your core company values into another space. This will attract more customers and shake-up your competitors.

Want to make your own merch? Open your own Spreadshop today!

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