Sustainability Merchandise: 5 Shops Make the Difference

Sustainability Merchandise: 5 Shops Make the Difference

Hotter summers, more and longer droughts, environmental disasters – the effects of global warming are already being felt in many parts of the world. Climate change affects us all, which means the time to act is now. Let us introduce 5 trailblazing Shops for you to source inspiration from.

These environmental stakeholder organizations have different issues at heart, but their common goal is to stop climate change – for a better future. This requires raising awareness of their cause and their projects. Selling merchandise really helps boosting their sustainability efforts with their Spreadshops. The money they earn goes directly to their projects, and they manage to draw attention to their cause. Here’s how they get their message out there:  

KlimaKohleHoffnung – less CO2 through plant carbon

Too much carbon dioxide in the air and not enough time to take action. The KlimaKohleHoffnung (German for climate, coal, hope) project shows us how urgent it is to take action now. This means reducing CO2 emissions in the air is vital, and a great way to do so is by using plant carbon. Find out how exactly the carbon is permanently bound, from which input materials plant carbon can be produced and how everyone can become a climate savior! Among other things, this is explained on the project’s YouTube, Instagram and Facebook channels. The goal is to double the use of plant carbon in the next couple of years, and everyone’s attention and support is needed for plant carbon now.

With the KlimaKohleHoffnung Spreadshop, the trade association is taking an important step towards achieving just that. Their designs have a clear message: there is still hope, but we can’t waste any time. This is why their Install Update design shows a mouse pointing at the “Now” button – and not the “Later” button.

On their designs, the world can briefly cool down in a cold bathtub. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work in real life – unless we pay more attention to plant carbon now.

Earth Day – not just a day, but a movement

Diversify, inform and activate: EARTHDAY.ORG is the world’s largest environmental movement to create change for us humans and our planet. How? With bold, creative, and innovative solutions.

Behind EARTHDAY.ORG is a coalition of people around the world. Every individual or organization can make a difference! Since 1970, over 1 million people have joined the movement. Numerous people also follow their work on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

The merch in the Earth Day Spreadshop is partly based on their projects. They have a Canopy project that sees to planting trees around the world, and 10 million trees have already been fostered since 2010. The locations chosen for these trees have a direct and positive impact on climate change in the affected areas.

The slogan “Make every day Earth Day” sends a clear message. International Earth Day on April 22 isn’t the only day we should be aware of climate change. When we live every day in an environmentally conscious and sustainable way, we can make every single day Earth Day.

National Parks Conservation Association – protecting national parks

The National Parks Conservation Association – or NPCA – is the voice of America’s national parks, aiming to protect and preserve its most famous places for present and future generations. On the ground, in the courtroom, or on Capitol Hill – more than 1.6 million members work tirelessly to defend the parks. Together with policy experts, dedicated volunteers, community organizations and communications professionals, they inform and inspire the public on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

The sustainability merchandise from their Spreadshop gives supporters the chance to send out the message, for example with a cap that reads “NATIONAL PARKS ADVOCATE”.

Their “PROTECT YOUR PUBLIC LANDS” merch says is like it is – a clear message to make more people aware of what’s at stake.

Beachcleaner – for a healthy ocean

They provide education, offer simple plastic alternatives, and initiate projects that prevent the destruction of ecosystems through plastic waste. Beachcleaner from Nuremberg, Germany are aspiring a plastic-free environment and sustainable (waste) culture. On Facebook and Instagram, they share footage of clean-ups, draw attention to grievances, and demonstrate how a plastic-free life works.

Their Beachcleaner Spreadshop offers lots of merch with their red-lettering logo and two waves underneath – maybe waves of hope?

What’s really cool about their sustainability merchandise is that it looks great while helping to avoid plastic waste and sending a message to protect the environment. To get an impression, check out e.g. the Beachcleaner insulated bottle.

Glacier initiative – made of fossil energies

It is the organization’s aim to realize the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement, and to put Switzerland on a sustainable climate course. Because we all want a better world and a future worth living in, right? The Glacier Initiative is one of the largest projects from Verein Klimaschutz Schweiz, which in turn is part of a worldwide climate movement. They pursue the goal of creating a future without fossil fuels, in which man-made greenhouse gases are reduced to net zero emissions by 2050. The glaciers in Switzerland and everywhere else in the world are at risk of vanishing as a result of climate change, and this is why the phase-out is so important. Their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts will tell you why and how.

In the glacier initiative’s Spreadshop, supporters find lots of merch like T-shirts, hoodies and bags, all printed with their colorful logo. The mantra “If we don’t act now, we will soon have no more glaciers” is embodied by their logo on products in different sizes in Switzerland’s official languages German, French and Italian.

Want to reach people with your message? Thinking about selling your own merch? What you need is a clear vision and your own logo. Your Spreadshop is just a few clicks away.

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