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creator compass workshop

Today, we’re pleased to release our first in a series of “Creator Compass” workshops designed to help creators live a more sustainable creative life, and ditch the hustle culture. This workshop couldn’t come at a better time for creators considering May is mental health awareness month.

At Spreadshop, we believe creators are more than just a “commodity” or a buzzword to be exploited. We’re raising an early red flag on an issue that is turning into a real mental health crisis for many creators. In the age of the “creator economy”, there’s more pressure than ever to produce and feed the “content machine”. That pressure also with comes anxiety, creative depression, burnout, and even worse.

Brands and middlemen try to tell you what to do, how often to do it. Gurus of the “hustle culture” want you to post content hourly or sacrifice all to try to beat an algorithm that is ever changing, and in all actuality, unbeatable.

We know this because you, the creators out there, our friends, have told us this personally. Many are also beginning to feel lost, like they forgot why they started. They need to find their compass.

Our first “Creator Compass” workshop is hosted by Modern Millie, a well-known influencer coach who will help you find and develop your “Content Compass”. By completing this workshop you will be able to:

– Establish and stay on track with hitting your ultimate goals/dreams.

– Stay true to YOU as you grow as a creator.

– Maintain healthy boundaries to prevent burnout.

– Stay on track with your content without added stress. 

The workshop is completely FREE to watch, and best of all, you can work at your own pace.

Join the community group now to get started!

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1 year ago

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Daniel Banda
Daniel Banda
1 year ago

This is good business I like it

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