How Merch Helps Your Side Hustle

how merch helps your side hustle

Looking to take your side hustle to the next level? Merch can help!

Launching your own Spreadshop can open up so many opportunities for you and your business. Merch gives you credibility when you’re connecting with potential customers and business partners. It shows you have a solid understanding of your brand and that you want to see it grow.

Read on to learn about the ways merch can help you up your side hustle game!

create your brand

A Solid Foundation

Just having a Spreadshop signifies that you want to expand your side hustle. Brand identifiers like colors and graphics are key to solidifying your brand, so why not seal the deal with themed merch?

Take the components that represent your business and put them on items to use for promotion and profit. Upload your logo and even toggle off product color options that don’t go well with your brand. Born in a Barn Boutique out their logo on merch to help promote their restoration furniture business. And it would look great in a photo op when you’re promoting your side hustle on socials!

Some common and successful merch items you can sell through Spreadshop include t-shirts, totes, stickers, and water bottles. We have hundreds of merch items to choose from.

get creative

Get Creative

Your merch doesn’t have to look like the standard marketing fare. Get creative with your design style and make merch only your followers/supporters will understand. 

Emily runs The Kind Mind Project, a podcast all about supporting women and helping them move mountains. She could have uploaded a logo to her merch and been done with it, but she wanted to create something that was stylized and felt true to her message.

She has phrases like “Put more honey in your head” or “Honey head” that tie directly into the purpose of her brand. Those are the kind of things that will provoke a reaction from people and get them to ask questions. It’s going to be more effective than just slapping your logo on different products.

network with people

Networking Made Easier

Merch makes it easier for people to identify your brand, and that includes potential partners and customers. It really is the new business card. It’s personal and will leave a bigger impact on people than a tiny piece of paper.

People want to know that they can trust your brand, that you’re legit. If you have merch you can show to potential partners or investors, it’s going to prove you’re serious about your side hustle. That whatever service you provide is reputable.

Whether it’s in your community or the niche group your business is in, it’s important to stand out from competition. Merch gives you that edge. When others continue to do the bare minimum, diversify your business with t-shirts, sweatshirts, stickers, and more. It’s important to set yourself apart!

more side hustles

Got More Than One Side Hustle?

If you have too many side hustles or hobbies for your own good, we’ve got great news! When you create a Spreadshop account, you can open up to 10 shops with it. Think that’s an unnecessary amount? It’s a nice option to have when you want to start a fundraiser or run a business that’s seasonal.

Having these shops under one account makes it easy to track your earnings and access the backend of all your shops. You don’t need multiple usernames and passwords – it’s that simple.

Start growing your side hustle with merch and open your own Spreadshop. It’s FREE!

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