Behind the Merch Table: Talkalots

behind the merch table

Behind the Merch Table is a place where we can highlight some of the amazing bands and solo acts that use Spreadshop for their merch needs. In our last post we talked to the band Trestles about their plans for music in 2022 and the power of band merch.

This time we’re featuring Talkalots, a rock band that hails from Flagler Beach, Florida. They describe their music as “simple, catchy, and fun”. Some of their inspirations include Red Hot Chili Peppers, Foo Fighters, and Smashing Pumpkins. Talkalots formed in 2018, originally with Jude on guitar and drummer, Cameron. The two have known each other since middle school and become friends over their mutual love of alt rock and punk music. Friend and bassist James later joined the lineup.

They’ve released a few singles since. “Summertime” is an angsty scorcher, perfect for blasting on those hot summer days. Their most recent single – “Where Did We Lose Track?” – reflects on their adolescence and how fast time has gone by since. Talkalots are currently working on recording two albums (!) and planning to release their debut this year.

band merch inspo

It’s important for artists just starting out to brand themselves with merch. Opening up your own Spreadshop is a great revenue stream. It can be hard to make money from music itself considering streaming services like Spotify pay musicians mere pennies. Playing live shows and selling merch is how a lot of acts make their money.

Talkalots wanted to make their merch look simple, yet feel unique. So they used a couple versions of their logo for merch designs, which are available to shop on hoodies, hats, and buttons. They looked at other bands’ logos for inspiration, which is something they’d recommend to artists looking to create their own. As long as you don’t try to rip off material and credit it as your own. Having those influences and inspirations is important. Make sure to check out their music and merch when you get a chance.

Do you have a garage band? Play cafes or open mic nights? Start making and selling merch for FREE with Spreadshop. Open your own shop today.

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