How to Promote Your Merch on Tiktok

sharing your merch on tiktok

So, you opened up your own Spreadshop to make and sell merch. But how do you go about promoting it on a platform like TikTok?

Creators of all different niches are competing for attention and a chance to get noticed on TikTok. When you promote your merch, it needs to tie into your brand. Even though you’re trying to sell somebody something, it shouldn’t feel like it. It’s okay if it feels like every other video on your page. The ultimate goal is engagement with your audience.

Using trending songs or challenges in your content is an organic way to pop up in peoples’ feeds. If you’re trying to reach a certain audience, make sure you’re creating content they’ll respond to with likes, shares, and comments. And merch sales! See how some of our partners are promoting their merch on TikTok.

make an announcement video

Announcement Time!

Make your merch announcement in style, like comedian Eric Feldman. He has an alter ego he calls Tami Langalang: a sassy, blonde-bobbed Facebook mom. His videos often feature him typing up funny Facebook posts in signature Tami style with plenty of exclamation points and emojis. What better way to announce his merch!

The TikTok video is fun and instantly engaging. What really sells it are the adorable pictures of him in his merch. The photos feel candid and capture Eric at peak Tami. You want people to feel connected with your merch and wearing it makes a bigger impact than you might think. It creates a personal connection and can motivate your followers

REMEMBER: your followers are buying your merch for YOU.

Integrate Merch into Your Videos

Integrate Merch into Your Videos

Since we have so many products, you can find any kind of merch you want to feature in your TikToks videos. It’s easy to wear a t-shirt whenever you go about making your everyday content. Incorporate unique items like fanny packs and bucket hats when you’re making trendy or fashion-related videos.

Spreadshop brand ambassador Clueless Bushcraft (Tom) makes videos about how to survive in the wilderness. He made a TikTok testing our water bottles in frigid temperatures. He discovered that our insulted water bottle prevented water from freezing, and that our regular water bottle would come in handy if you needed to boil water.

Tom found a unique way to promote his merch but still provide value with his content. These are the kind of tips and tricks that his audience wants to learn from him.

trending tiktok songs

Find Trending Songs on TikTok

Adding trending songs to your videos is a great way to get more engagement on TikTok, in general. TikTok will boost content that is relevant to what’s currently trendy among different audiences. You can find trending songs when you browse the Discover tab. Check out the top hashtags and see what songs are being used. You can click the song and add it to your favorites to save it for later.

Creator Sicily Rose showed off her new merch by lip syncing to a trending song in one of her TikToks. She’s known for singing and dancing, so this kind of video works with the rest of her feed and comes off as being more authentic. You can use these trendy songs, but you need to keep your personality in the content you make.

promote other projects

Promote Your Brand

Wearing your merch obviously promotes your Spreadshop, but it can also help bring awareness to other projects you have going on. Maybe you want to raise money for a fundraiser or shine a light on an important issue. Merch is powerful in that way.

Mixed Tarxan has been practicing to be a contestant on American Ninja Warrior. He filmed himself prepping for his appearance, whether that was lifting, completing practice courses, or rock climbing. It’s not out-of-the-ordinary for him to film himself in the gym or doing intense activities. Wearing his merch and making a nod to the show in the hashtag is enough for people to connect the two.

Promoting your merch on TikTok is easy when you know your brand and are comfortable making content. You just need to be yourself – the rest comes naturally.

Looking to make your own merch? Open your own Spreadshop today. It’s free and easy!

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