Pride Merchandise: 5 Shops from the LGBTQI+ Community

Pride Merchandise: 5 Shops from the LGBTQI+ Community

Colorful designs, inspiring prints, clear statements and of course a few pride flags: These 5 stores from the LGBTQI+ community are calling on society to encourage everyone to be whoever they want to be. Get inspired by these radiant designs and diverse, queer friendly shops.

Trans Matters Now – For Transgender People in the U.S.

Transgender people are four times more likely to live in poverty and twice as likely to be unemployed in comparison to the rest of the population. Moreover, 90% have reported being badly treated, harassed or discriminated against at the workplace. Trans Matters Now not only highlights these issues, they also connect transgender, queer and gender non-conforming people in the U.S. with the services that matter to them. That means assistance at the workplace, legal representation, community education and help with finding the right clothing. Beginning as a small organization in Seattle, they now operate in 48 different states across the U.S. Their presence across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter is continuing to grow.

At the Trans Matter Now Spreadshop you can find over 60 different pride designs. Just like the transgender flag, there is a host of products available in those iconic colors of pink and light blue. The best thing about these fabulous designs: every purchase goes directly towards supporting transgender people.

With the statement cup “you are ENOUGH”, Trans Matter Now inspire their community and beyond to be themselves. You are worthy and enough – a point you can reinforce every day whenever you’re sipping on cup of coffee or tea.

With slogan shirts like “WHAT’S IN MY PANTS? … A PARTY”, the products tackle serious topics with a humorous twist.

Couple on Tour – The Life of a Lesbian Couple

Vaness and Ina have 1.8 million followers on Instagram and over 3.3 million on TikTok. Their name “Couple on Tour” is fairly self-explanatory:  anyone who follows is invited along on their colorful journey through life. It’s all about discussing same-sex love, marriage and parenting in a way that brings a smile to the faces of their followers. But there’s more to it than that. In their YouTube videos and their podcast, they talk about stereotypes, conflicts and embarrassing stories, as well as what it’s like to be a part of the LGBTQI+ Community. Why? To normalize different types of relationships and help anyone experiencing similar things in life. Their content consists of a delightful mixture of beautiful moments and confronting real-life challenges.

At the Couple on Tour Spreadshop, it’s all about spreading happiness. Here their “Bubus” – as they like to call their community – can grab some dreamy merch. Like the hoodie which explains in German what the pet name ‘Bubu’ really means: the most amazing, beautiful, smart, adorable, cute, funny, nice, sweet, charming, precious, pretty and incredible person in the world. We all know someone like this, but why don’t you let them wear this title with pride?

There is also cute merch designed for couples. Whether couples want to get married or just show the world they belong together, the Mr. and Mrs. cushions are the perfect pieces.

Want to find out more more about Ina and Vanessa? We’ve already had a chance to invite them to an exclusive interview. It was a lot of fun to chat about things as diverse as their Spreadshop, YouTube, and homosexuality.

Luquisha Lubamba – talented Italian drag queen

Luquisha Lubamba is a drag queen, singer and contestant in the first season of Drag Race Italia, a reality series where eight Italian drag queens compete for the title of being the first Italian drag superstar. Her real name is Luca Marchi. She may write on Instagram and Tik Tok “Non so fare niente ma sono brava a farlo.” (I can’t do anything, but I am good at it”) but her songs and music videos on Youtube suggest otherwise. She shares her styles, performances and insights into her private life on Instagram and TikTok as well as Twitter. With her confident appearance and fierce looks, Luquisha is not just a role model for many drag queens or those who want to become one, but everyone else, too.

In the Luquisha Lubamba Spreadshop there is “Alta moda per veri internditori!”, which pretty much means “High fashion for aficionados!”. Who’s the model for these fabulous products? Well, none other than Luquisha herself, of course!

The shop also has items referencing her performances on Drag Race Italia. One design shows the lyrics from “A Little Bit of Love”, where she’s rocking the exact same look that she wears on the merch.

With the “Simpatica” design, Luquisha portrays herself as a Barbie doll in a cardboard box. Underneath is her statement: “SONO SIMPATICA – NON POSSO ESSERE ANCHE FIGHA” (“I AM BEAUTIFUL – I CAN’T ALSO BE COOL”). The pink design, which you can find on products like this tote bag, simply has us smiling.

Les Enfants d’Arc en Ciel – more rights for LGBTQI+ parents

Les Enfants d’Arc en Ciel fights for the rights of homosexual parents. It is a non-profit organization from France that offers emotional and legal support to LGBTQI+ people before and during parenthood. They defend and promote queer families by making them visible, encouraging their right to exist and campaigning against discrimination. Les Enfants d’Arc en Ciel is at the forefront of the fight against all forms of queerphobia.

On Facebook, Instagram and Twitter they share their work and the stories of queer couples with the hashtag #desdroitspasdesmiettes, in English: #rightsnotcrumbs.

In the Les Enfants d’Arc en Ciel Spreadshop you can grab Pride merchandise with the logo of the organization, sporting the 6 colors of the rainbow flag. On all the merch is the name “EAC – Les Enfants d’Arc en Ciel”, which, by the way, means “The Children of the Rainbow”.

What we love about EAC? Their merch isn’t just available for parents and supports, but for kids and babies, too.

GaiAma – For the Rainforest and the LGBTQI+ Community

Besides striving to protect the rainforest in all its diverse natural glory, GaiAma advocates for human rights, LGBTQI+ rights, animal rights and intersectional feminism. Although this small private organization is situated in Peru, it was actually founded by 2 Berliners Can and Daniel. After falling in love with the nature of South America years ago during their round-the-world bike trip, these two knew they had to do something for the rainforest. Their work combines protection of the rainforest with the promotion of the LGBTQI+ community. You can follow GaiAma’s work on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

The GaiAma Spreashop is a space for casual pieces with the GaiAma logo. Each purchase goes directly towards the protection of the Amazon as well the LGBTQI+ community in South America.

The colorful pride flag next to this “NATURE IS QUEER” design? Seems to us like a pretty nice way to spread the word.

Inspired by these 5 Spreadshops from the LGBTQI+ community? Then get hold of some of these colorful designs, vital messages and click on over to your own Spreadshop.

On To Spreadshop!

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