How to Create Social Media Content

Get the Most Out of Your Social Media Content

Feel like your social media content is being wasted? Get the most out of your posts and still provide value to your audience when you use a streamlined content method.

At Spreadshop, we’ve found a way to create social media content that is guaranteed to generate results. Don’t get overwhelmed by the need to create multiple pieces for multiple channels. When you make one good piece of content, you can use it for all it’s worth. This way you’ll save yourself time and frustration, while remaining active on socials.

Learn more about how you can ensure you grow your channel AND put in less work!

Buffalo Content Method

Let’s Buffalo Some Content!

Back on the plains, the Native Americans used every piece of a buffalo when they killed it: they didn’t let anything go to waste. Different parts of the buffalo would be used for food, clothing, shelter, and tools. That’s also a great way to approach social media content and marketing!

It all starts with one good piece of social media content. Could be a blog post or a long form podcast, etc. You take that content and chop it up into different segments. But it shouldn’t be a copy and paste situation; it’s all about serving the socials and being authentic with your tone of voice. For example, you’ll likely have a different voice on Youtube than you do on TikTok.

It takes time and effort to craft something like a blog post, so make sure you’re using it for all its worth. Don’t go on to the next thing without considering how much value you can get out of that one piece of content. Your posts will be plentiful and consistent when you stick to this content method.

Reuse Your Social Media Content

Reuse Your Content With Purpose

Like we said before, it’s better if this isn’t a total copy and paste situation. You want your social media content to have a purpose, and different forms and voices work better for different platforms.

Infographics take key points from a piece of content and make them more digestible, so they’re easily sharable and you can have more fun with them. Bright colors and graphic elements are a must. They’re easy to create with Canva and you can resize them for whatever social platform you need. That way, even if people don’t end up reading the entire blog, they’re still getting valuable information.

You’ve got to be making video if you want to connect with your audience. Instagram Reels and TikTok are some easy ways to generate engagement. Say a quote or use a clip from a piece of social media content. Make sure to throw a call-to-action in there. Direct them to click a link in your bio to learn more, or even ask them a question to gauge their interest on a topic. And you don’t need fancy editing software. The Capcut app lets you easily edit video clips, add overlays, and include different text and graphic icons.

Work Smarter

Fill Your Content Calendar

By using the buffalo content method, you’ll be able to fill up your social media content calendar quicker than ever before. Once you have a solid piece of content, you can begin to break it down and generate more for the coming weeks. CoSchedule is a social media calendar tool that helps you schedule content. It’ll post on its own and make managing your channels much more efficient.

CoSchedule also gives you the option to run social media content campaigns that will run as long as you want them. This way, if your followers missed a post from last week, they’ll have a chance to engage with it again in a few weeks’ time. This extends the life of your content; you want people to keep discovering it again and again. Best of all, this works for multiple platforms: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

Get the Most Out of Your Content

Start Expanding Your Brand

The buffalo content method is about content, sure, but it can also help you grow your brand. Once you have established a presence on social media, you can start to expand and explore different options. You can build out your connections with people online in ways that best suit your content or business.

Start a newsletter as a weekly touchstone for you and your followers. Maybe the algorithm hasn’t been sharing your posts on their feed. Setting up a newsletter is a great way to re-engage with people that might have lost touch with you. It will remind them of the value you bring with your content and might come at a time when they need it most.

If you want to form a more personal connection with people, merch is a powerful option. It can help to cement loyalty in your follower base and give you another monetization channel for your existing content. It’s easy to make and sell merch when you use Spreadshop. Our platform is FREE and allows you to upload your designs quickly and easily onto hundreds of products. Start selling in seconds. Oh, and did we mention you can make money? Yep. You get a portion of your sales.

Start selling merch today, and happy buffaloing!

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8 months ago

Thank you for your useful tips, I’m sure it will bring a lot of benefits for people who are faced with the problem of insufficient merch work.

Marina Teramond @ NMPL
10 months ago

To tell the truth, unfortunately, really often you can feel that your efforts do not bear fruit and that you are moving in the wrong direction, creating unclaimed social media content. It is so cool that you shared such useful methods to fix such a situation and become truly popular. I think that expanding your brand is the key to success because it is really important to present your brand in a favourable light, demonstrating all its strengths and distinctive features. I really like the idea of starting a newsletter as a weekly touchstone for you and your followers because I think that it is the best opportunity to remind people of your brand and be in demand. Also, I think that merch is a powerful tool for taking your brand to the next level and forming a special bond with your follower base, giving your content a huge uniqueness. Of course, selling merch is a wonderful way to show the highlight of your brand and make more money.

Bruce W. Coffman
11 months ago

I’m just very, very disappointed at the lack of any real direction on utilizing Twitter for marketing. All these things are so general and vague and usually completely overlook Twitter. 🙁

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