Scheduling Tools For Your Brand

scheduling tools for your brand

Scheduling tools are great for managing your brand. You can plan content weeks or months in advance that will post automatically. This way, you have more time to focus on the day-to-day aspects of your business.

When you can plan content like this, it also gives you the opportunity to get the most out of it. Recycle old posts or find new ways to promote a piece of content. A social media scheduling tool is going to make your life so much easier. There are a lot of scheduling tools out there, so how do you choose the right one? We have some options for you to consider:

content method

Buffalo Your Content

Before we get into the scheduling tools, it’s important that you have a good method when it comes to creating your content. Back on the plains, the Native Americans used every piece of a buffalo when they killed it: they didn’t let anything go to waste. Different parts of the buffalo would be used for food, clothing, shelter, and tools. That’s also a great way to approach social media content and marketing!

It all starts with one good piece of social media content. Could be a blog post or a long form podcast, etc. You take that content and chop it up into different segments. But it shouldn’t be a copy and paste situation; it’s all about serving the socials and being authentic with your tone of voice. For example, you’ll likely have a different voice on Youtube than you do on TikTok.

It takes time and effort to craft something like a blog post, so make sure you’re using it for all its worth. Don’t go on to the next thing without considering how much value you can get out of that one piece of content. Your posts will be plentiful and consistent when you stick to this content method. And it’s easy to do that when you use a good scheduling tool.



Hootsuite is one of the most popular scheduling tools on the market. They’re a trusted brand used by big companies and small creative teams, alike. Their business model is built for collaboration and integrates with the most popular social platforms. You can do so much from Hootsuite that you don’t even need to sign-in from your individual social channels.

See what your followers are saying and responding to right from your Hootsuite inbox. Monitor engagement with your posts on all social channels – this makes responding to comments and re-sharing content so much easier. The social analytics dashboard also allows you to see what content is trending or not meeting expectations. This is useful in determining what you want your social strategy to be moving forward. You can even chat with co-workers and collaborators within Hootsuite – no Slack channel needed!

You can start Hootsuite with a 30-day FREE trial, and after that you can pick what kind of plan you want. A professional plan allows one user to access the platform and up to 10 social accounts to be connected. The team plan grants three users access with integration for up to 20 accounts. If this isn’t the right fit for you, don’t worry, there’s other options.



Metricool is a more affordable option for small creators and businesses just starting their brand. It covers all the core aspects of your business: social posts, ads, and reports. It’s also easy to navigate for people who don’t have experience managing content calendars and dealing with the promotion of their product or services.

The FREE version of Metricool allows you to connect one profile per social platform. You can run ads on Google, Facebook, and TikTok and track their performance. You also have access to all scheduling features to best plan and manage your content. Even access Instagram Story analytics and more within Metricool. If you want to view reports of your social performance you need to be on the Pro 5 plan ($18 monthly).

You can consult this data anytime you need to so you can improve your strategy. Beyond that, you can also monitor your competitors’ strategies to see what people are doing within your field. Knowing what works for you and is successful in the market is only going to make it easier for you to grow your brand.



Another leading social media scheduling tool is CoSchedule. CoSchedule allows you to manage posts and social projects. This is a great option for individuals or teams that need manage a lot of different content: socials, video, blog, etc. You can decipher content by colors to make your work flow go smoother.

CoSchedule has a FREE tier, but their monthly plan ($29) gives you way more features. Add more social accounts and manage work flow with different templates and lifecycles for your content. This is using the buffalo content method to its fullest – you’ll be getting more out of your content and save time and effort in the process. This automatic life cycling of posts will help ensure you always have a stacked content calendar.

You can even select certain posts to be part of a ReQueue. This content will automatically go out on days where there’s nothing already scheduled for that social channel. It’s a great backup when you find yourself away on vacation or tied up in other aspects of your business.

airtable tool


Airtable prides themselves on the fact that you can begin building on day one. They have templates that will help you fulfill whatever content needs you have, which feels less overwhelming to people new to social media marketing. Airtable gives you the power of personalization. It allows you or individuals of your team to focus on the things that matter most.

Pick extensions from their Marketplace that will help you take your brand to the next level. Add a color palette that houses your brand colors and makes it easy to generate quick content. Visualize data through different charts if you want to get a bigger perspective. Add Google Hangouts so its easy for you and your team to jump on a quick call. They have more extensions to use, but what you get is also up to the plan you choose:

FREE: 1 extension

Plus ($12 monthly): 3 extensions

Pro ($24 monthly): 10 extensions

Airtable wants you to pick solutions that work for your business, whether that’s paid or unpaid. They provide you with the ability to scale your business however you see fit.

We hope this gave you a better idea of some of the scheduling tools that are out there. Determining what kind of content you want to promote and what you want your business model to be will make it easier when choosing a scheduling tool for your socials. And your whole brand will run smoother!

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