Play on Demand Merchandise: 5 Shops from Podcasters

Play on Demand Merchandise: 5 Shops from Podcasters

The number of podcaster listeners is growing and growing, and this trend doesn’t look like it’s slowing down any time soon. It’s no surprise then that more and more people are starting their own podcast. Crazy to think this type of media has barely been going ten years and already is such a dynamic way not just to inform, inspire and entertain, but also to make a living from. It’s well known that advertising is key to making podcasts financially viable, but individual Play On Merchandise Shops are a great way of connecting with listeners and earning yourself some extra cash.

We’re going to introduce here 5 podcasters who can show you how it’s done. From true crime mysteries to tips on dog training, as diverse as the content is these podcasters are united by the fact that they would be nothing without their listeners. Merch is just a great way to further connect with their community. Get stuck into these podcaster Spreadshops and see what inspires you. You’ll be raring to create your own merch in no time.

Murder in the Rain – True Crime Stories from the Pacific Northwest

Emily and Alisha don’t just talk about real crimes, they explore, investigate and try to understand the motives behind the murder. In their podcast Murder in the Rain, the two talk to authors, psychologists, detectives, victims’ families, and their producer Josh. Who were the victims? What were the motives? On their Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages you can find posts about true crime stories past and present.

The Murder in the Rain Spreadshop has matching merchandise on offer for the fans, with shirts and hoodies available. If you’re coming for bright designs, then you’re in the wrong place. Their merch lets you know this podcast is not for the faint hearted. Complete with Murder in the Rain lettering, these pieces are all about reflecting the grim tone of their podcast.

There’s also an eye-catching cartoon design which shows Emily, Alisha and Josh, ideal for the true fans of true crime. This is available on shirts, hoodies and mugs!

Hundestunde (Dogs’ Hour) – Training for Dogs

What’s it like to live with a dog from the shelter? What are the dos and don’ts when it comes to walking with your four-legged friend? How do I best communicate with them? Every week, Conny Sporrer and Marc Lindhorst, dog trainer and dog expert, talk about the essential rules, training tips and their personal experiences in their podcast Hundestunde. Conny has been working for years as a dog trainer at Martin Rütter Dogs Vienna. Even when owners are frustrated and unsure how to raise their dogs, she knows exactly how to build healthy relationships. You can find these tips on their Spotify-Podcast as well as their Instagram site.

These two call their listeners Stundis – and have some cool merch for them on offer in their Spreadshop. Their online store is awash with the iconic brand colors, yellow and blue. It’s a look you’re not going to forget quickly.

The Hundestunde merch isn’t complete without their logo: a cartoon of what looks like the most relaxed dog you can find, lying on the couch, headphones in, listening to their podcast.

Alongside the shirts with logos, there are also some statement shirts: “Let’s talk about Rex, baby!” – an insider’s joke guaranteed to be a hit for all the diehard Stundis.

Take Dad – A Parenting Podcast

Two young dads dishing out tips for mums, dads and everyone else. In their Podcast Take Dad, Felix and Christoph talk about childcare, winter clothing, childhood sickness, birthday parties and much more. Talking about the weird and wonderful behavior of children, as well as the messy and glorious life as a parent, these two are always talking for a humorous twist. There are dad jokes, the occasional game of “would you rather?” and even a Breilight of the Week (Brei is German for puree, yup we know the best jokes are the ones you have to explain). This podcast is funny, entertaining and relatable for all the dads out there. For those that can’t get enough of the podcast, you can also find them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

The Take Dad Spreadshop shows that these two young dads don’t take themselves too seriously. The Breilight of the Week is available on the podcast and on their merch. Their printed baby bibs are sure to make feeding time that bit funnier.

Dads can also find Play on Demand merchandise in their Spreadshop. The apron with the imprint “Papa – wie Chuck Norris nur krasser” (Dad – like Chuck Norris but tougher) makes it clear: being a dad is sometimes a real challenge, but with humor and lightness you can do anything.

Tollkühn – A Lord of the Rings Podcast

Go with the Hobbits to Isengard every Thursday: This Middle Earth Podcast transports listeners into the fantasy world of the legendary The Lord of the Rings series. In each podcast episode, Max and Ramon read a chapter from the books, before discussing what went down. Max is a huge fan and has read the books several times, whereas Ramon is a complete newbie. This makes it a funny mix between shameless expertise and trying to work out what’s going on. You can find them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

All Hobbitses – that’s what they call their precious listeners – will find all kinds of merch in the Tollkühn Podcast Spreadshop. There are even niche side characters on some products, like with Lutz, the pony that Frodo bought in Bree from the evil journeyman Lutz Farnich and then named after him.

With the lettering “IT’S HÁMA TIME” it is also clear in Max and Ramon’s store: the two podcasters like to go about their business with humor. For all you newbies out there: Háma was a loyal servant of King Théoden in the novels, guarding the entrance to his halls.

The Sound Architect – Interesting look into the world of audio products

Sam Hughes talks to sound designers, voice actors, composers and other audio experts from around the world in his podcast The Sound Architect. They share their knowledge about instruments, software, hardware, recording, mixing and other exciting topics – perfect for anyone with a passion for audio. Why did he create the podcast? To contribute to the audio community and connect with as many great people as possible. Audiophiles can access the interviews on YouTube, and there’s even more content on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

At The Sound Architect Podcast Spreadshop, audio experts, or those who are new to the game, can find some slick Play on Demand merchandise. Whether it’s for cups, caps or shirts, there’s lots of merch available with the podcast logo on the front.

The Sound Architect bags are not only cool merch, they also offer space for equipment as well.

All you need now is a good topic, a custom-made podcast logo and maybe an expert or two – and you’re ready to go with your Spreadshop.

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