How to Run a Promo

how to run a promo

We run promotional offers every month at Spreadshop! This is as a great incentive for your followers to buy your merch. Plus, who doesn’t love a good discount?!

These promotional offers vary – 15% off, FREE shipping – and are an opportunity for you to push new merch drops or seasonal products. Give your customers warning ahead of time with dedicated posts and reminders. It’s the perfect time to turn that longtime follower into a paying customer.

See our strategies and tips below!

plan for your promotions

Plan For Your Promotion

It’s important to give your followers warning ahead of time. We’d recommend reminding your followers about the promotion a week in advance and then dropping additional reminders. You might also want to plan what you want to get out of the promotion.

Obviously, you want to increase your merch sales, but it’s not a bad idea to pinpoint what you want to promote. Your followers will find it more digestible when you pull their focus instead of promoting the entirety of your shop. Drive attention to certain products, especially if they’re in season. Water bottle, baseball hats, and backpacks are perfect items for the summer. This ties into their current needs.

You can also run a promotion to introduce a new merch drop, like this one from artist Nephyrus. Your followers will get excited about new merch, and they’ll be more likely to check it out with a discount.

craft your message

Be Authentic

We know everyone appreciates a good deal, but your followers also don’t want to feel like they’re being pushed to buy something. You shouldn’t sound sales-pitchy when you’re promoting these offers.

Be personal with your messaging. Come up with a catch phrases or a tag line that ties into the theme of your shop. Create a hashtag that your followers can refer to when theres an active promotion. It should still feel like content you would normally put out on socials. Use funny gifs or memes to make it more relatable to your audience. Stay true to your voice.

promo graphic

Use Fun Graphics

Make eye-catching graphics to peak peoples’ interest, or just re-share ours! We have a Shop Promotions page in the Spreadshop Community where we posts graphics for each promo. We make them in Twitter/Facebook and Instagram Story sizes. This makes it easy for you to share about promos across your socials and creates a cohesive experience.

You can always make your own using Canva or another design service. If you do decide to re-post ours, make sure you tag us so we can share you on our page!

check your results

Our promotional offers typically last over three days. This makes it easy for shop owners to check the success of their campaign after. If an increase in revenue was generated over that time period, then the strategy worked.

Not noticing a difference? Tweak your strategy for next time. You can also look at your socials and see if engagement increased or decreased while running a promotion. Don’t be hard on yourself if things don’t pan out like you expected the first time. We have promotional offers going at least twice a month.  Practice crafting your marketing strategy. Learn what your audience responds to and have that motivate you.

Open up your own Spreadshop to take advantage of promotional offers and more!

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