More Creators Can Use YouTube Merch Shelf

sell merch on youtube with merch shelf

It’s easier than ever to sell merch on YouTube using Merch Shelf! Merch Shelf is a feature that allows creators to showcase products directly below their videos. Your viewers can purchase from your Spreadshop with just a few clicks!

This feature used to only be accessible to channels with at least 10,000 subscribers. Now, you only need 1,000! Creators of all of different niches now have the opportunity to monetize their content on YouTube. This is great for small creators looking for an additional revenue stream.

Merch Shelf gives your merch more visibility. Having a link to your shop in your bio is fine, but Merch Shelf allows you to showcase your products in style. And it’s fully customizable! So you can change your products whenever you have a new merch launch or want to feature certain styles.

Learn how to edit your Merch Shelf in just a few steps!

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Eddie Lydon
3 months ago

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6 months ago

Expanding access to the YouTube Merch Shelf is a fantastic idea! It’s wonderful to see YouTube empowering creators to showcase their merchandise directly to their audience. This feature not only enhances the viewing experience but also supports content creators in a more direct and meaningful way. Giving creators more avenues to connect with their fans and promote their unique products is a win-win for everyone. Here’s to more opportunities for creators to thrive!

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