SpreadApp BETA – More Features for more Sales

SpreadApp BETA – More Features for more Sales

Your SpreadApp keeps growing and growing. Now you can upload designs, create and publish products and also analyze sales – all in one app and straight from your smartphone.

SpreadApp has already told you about your sales, income, and bestsellers in the past. With the new SpreadApp beta version, we’re taking a big step forward to make things possible that you could previously only do in your Partner Area. The new SpreadApp version is now available for download on iOS and Android in your app stores.

Upload photos or import directly from camera

Your smartphone is more than just about calls, messages, and camera including a photo album. You use it as a device to tackle your projects. It’s only natural that turning your smartphone into a Partner Area on the go is a consequential step. Many things that were previously only possible in the Partner Area will now also be available in the app:

  • Uploading saved files or photos
  • Importing photos directly from your smartphone camera

Just upload a design or photo, add a title and suitable meta data and select the sales channels to publish it on. As long as you have your smartphone on you, you can make changes wherever you are, so they go online directly. You can also edit all your already uploaded designs as well. All changes are immediately synchronized with your Partner Area.

Your statistics will, of course, still available and you can edit the settings of your sales channels and your account data.

And there’ll be more – soon

As the release note already shows, the new SpreadApp version is a beta release. This means that some features are not yet fully developed or available.

But you see where the journey is going – and you can help determine the route. In some places, the app contains previews of features that we think may come in handy for you. Would you agree?

Your opinion counts! In the settings of the app, you will find a link where you can give us your feedback. We’ll be sure to read everything and incorporate it into SpreadApp’s further development.

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drift hunters
3 months ago

It’s only natural that turning your smartphone into a Partner Area on the go is a consequential step.

redactle unlimited
8 months ago

The only thing left to do is have the front and back printed at the same time.

basket random
9 months ago

Great features and convenience.

10 months ago

Survey Submitted

Hector Medina
11 months ago

Amazing! Now to get printing simultaneously on front AND back and we will be PERFECT lol

11 months ago

Finally. Trying to do this on the phone though the website, is so painful.

Larry Wasserman
11 months ago

Very exciting! Love to see that Spreadshirt is dedicated to making things easier and more accessible. Keep up the great work!

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