Turn Your Pet into an Influencer

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You can turn your fur baby into a pet influencer overnight with just a T-shirt.

At Spreadshop, we’ve seen many shop owners create an audience for their pets with merch. Custom merch allows you to connect with animal lovers and share your pet’s cuteness with the world.

Funny videos and adorable photos posted to Instagram are only elevated by branded material, like merch. See how others have made their fur babies a star thanks to Spreadshop!

cute pet merch

Nothing Wrong With Being Cute

Your pet’s cute. You know it, and your followers know it. But how can you use that to your advantage when it comes to your merch line?

Photos of your pet just aren’t enough if you want them to be a pet influencer. Cute illustrations and graphics are where it’s at. Take Mila The Chi, for example. You can find illustrated versions of the chihuahua on stickers, mugs, totes, etc., in her shop. These are the kind of designs that will appeal to a wider audience.

If you’re not a designer, consider hiring a professional through a service like Fiverr. You can pick from hundreds of artists to fulfill design requests at different rates. It’s well worth it to pay $20, $30 for a design that’s quality and will sell.

personal pet merch

Personal Stories Sell as a Pet Influencer

We’ve established that your pet is cute, but there’s more to your pet than that. They have certain quirks, odd habits, and a relationship with you that’s completely unique. You’re a part of that story, so why not tell it?

Jahnnalee and the Furry Kiddos are the perfect example of this. Jahnnalee is the mastermind behind viral videos of her chihuahuas Gizmo and Starleena and cat Cashmere. She has merch designs that don’t feature her likeness, but designs like the one above just feel more personal.

Comedy, cuteness, and camaraderie are some of the themes of their content. And the merch line shows what you can do when you’re a pet influencer.

pet influencer merch design

Different Kinds of Pet Influencers

Puppies and kitties get a lot of attention on the internet, but there are other pets that need the spotlight. We’ve seen household pets like birds and bunnies go viral, along with unusual pets, like skunks and porcupines. 

Buddy the Birdy is a Canadian cockatiel that’s brought smiles to viewers’ faces ever since he was rescued. He’s living his best life, as evident from his merch line. You can find designs with him rocking shades and a gold chain that says “Buddy.” The coolest cockatiel we know, for sure.

pet influencer audience

Find the Right Followers

To find success with your pet’s content and merch line, you need to have some kind of niche. This is going to set you apart from every cute pet on the internet. And there’s nothing more niche than what Melon and Finn are doing.

Melon be smellin, and Finn be sniffin. That’s the concept of the videos that have gone viral on TikTok and more. Their owners give them all kinds of things to sniff – goat cheese, candy canes, asparagus – and their reactions gauge whether they like it or not. A gag reflex is a no-go. If they don’t react and just walk on by, it’s alright with them.

Their merch features illustrations of them reacting to smelling different things, as well as cute drawings. It’s the kind of merch that makes them stand out as pet influencers.

Want to turn your pet into a bonafide influencer? Make them their own custom merch with Spreadshop. It’s FREE!

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Henry Larry
Henry Larry
4 months ago

Love the idea of turning pets into influencers with custom merch. The personal stories tip is spot on sharing the unique quirks and habits of your fur baby adds that special touch to the merch line. Excited to try this out for my pet.
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