Make Money Gaming: Sell Merch!

make money gaming

If you’re a gamer, merch might not seem like a money making option. But it’s a way to monetize your gaming passion AND build your own brand right from your bedroom.

Spreadshop has helped creators of all kinds turn a profit. It’s FREE and easy to use. Upload designs onto hundreds of products. If anything’s challenging, it’s coming up with merch designs.

Here’s some inspo to help you come up with designs for your merch shop!

gamer merch design

Be the Face of Your Brand

If you have a dedicated audience, they’ll support you; whether that means paying for a livestream or buying your merch. And they followed you because of who you are.

Use your personality to your advantage. Offer a design in your shop that capitalizes on your likeness. We’ve seen many shop owners find success with similar designs.

Don’t have design experience? Use a FREE design tool like Canva, hire a designer through Fiverr, or ask friends to see if they know a designer looking to get experience. Professional, quality looking designs are key to making merch sales and earn money gaming.

gamer design idea

Gamer Graphics

Being a gamer gives you so many different design opportunities. You can play around with things like consoles, controllers, and gamer phrases when it comes to your merch. We particularly love when shop owners embrace a retro feel with their designs.

When you upgrade to a premium/pro plan on design tools like Canva, you have access to all kinds of graphics. You can even alter the coloring and style of some of them to better suit your branding.

If you want to think more outside the box, use quotes or phrases you’ve heard in the gaming world. These can be things that only gamers would understand, like the headaches of multi gamer play or the struggles of Minecraft. If it’s more specific, it will really speak to your target audience. And ultimately that’s the goal.

gamer logo

Have an Official Logo

If you don’t already have a logo, now’s the time. Even if you want your merch line to appeal to people in the gaming world, you still want it to feel specific to you. A logo is a great identifier for people. Whenever they see it, they’ll associate you with it.

A logo can be a great first design to lead your merch drop. It introduces you right off that bat and can help establish your brand. PRO TIP: We recommend launching 1-2 new designs a month. This way, people will have a reason to keep coming back to your merch shop.

Make money gaming when you launch custom merch with Spreadshop!

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funny shooter 2
10 months ago

Being a gamer opens up a lot of doors for you in terms of creative options. When it comes to your merchandise, you have a lot of creative freedom regarding elements such as game consoles, controllers, and gamer slang.

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