Sell Custom Merch This Spring

custom spring merch

Spring has officially sprung and it’s time to sell some custom merch. We have seasonal apparel and accessories that are perfect for these warm days (finally!). 

Pastel colored tie dye, trendy hats, and personalized favorites are going to be staples in your wardrobe this spring. Add these to your Spreadshop and customize them with your own unique merch designs.

Our favorite shops are already selling custom spring apparel in their shop. Check out how they’re making these items their own below!

custom tee

It’s Not Just For Hippies

We’re long past the days when tie dye was just for hippies and vagabonds. And thanks to a wide range of color ways, we have something for everyone! Sell more custom merch with tie dye tees in your shop that come in soft, pastel colors and classic tie dye patterns.

These tees are great on their own, but they really pop when you customize them with your merch designs. Take Buffalo Roamer Outdoors, for example. Their sleek logo works well against the different tie dye backgrounds. 

We would wear these tees for a day on the town or on a beach getaway. They’re one of our favorites for spring. Make sure you’re selling these merch tees in your shop.

make stickers

Say It With a Sticker

Stickers are a great small ticket merch item for people who don’t want to buy T-shirts or hoodies. And they’re a fun way to accessorize your everyday items. Update your reusable water bottle, laptop, or even phone case with stickers that showcase your personality.

We particularly love this one from Windy’s World. The pixel art-based custom merch shop creates whimsical designs. They have a wide array of sticker options that are perfect for spring.

Tap into your niche by making stickers that resonate with your audience. Don’t be afraid to be specific with your references while using spring colors and graphics. Sell more merch and have a big impact when you have stickers available in your shop.

PRO TIP: Canva has a ton of fun, free graphic elements you can use in all your merch designs, not just stickers!

trendy apparel

We’re Bringing ‘Em Back

The bucket hat is back – whether you like them or not. They’re a trendy accessory worth adding to your custom merch shop AND spring wardrobe. 

We have them in a variety of fresh color options. The cream and black options are fresh and would work with whatever you have in your wardrobe. We like how alt rock band Talkalots kept things classic by customizing it with their simple logo.

You don’t have to be incredibly busy with your merch designs. It’s better when you stick to simple, clean graphics and fonts. It will be more wearable for your audience.

sell custom merch

A Multipurpose Accessory

Bandanas might be another unexpected accessory for this season, but they’re sure to be a standout in your merch shop. They’re a great multipurpose merch item, especially now that the weather’s starting to become tolerable again.

Wear them around your neck in a traditional style, or wrap them in your hair. Bandanas are an unlikely must-have for hikers. Wipe your brow when you get sweaty, even dress a wound if needed.

We like how this shop expresses their love for hiking with this merch design, but your designs don’t have to be outdoor specific. They can be anything you want. You might draw more attention to bandanas in your shop when you promote them with an exclusive design.

fanny packs

Retro Revival

Here’s another throwback for ya! Fanny packs have been trending for awhile now. You can easily purchase them from fast fashion retailers like Forever 21 or H&M, but they’re better when personalized.

You can really express your personality when you sell custom merch, like fanny packs. Embrace the element of nostalgia and create funky designs that will appeal to your audience. A fanny pack is a fun, unexpected merch item that can help drive traffic to your shop.

Cartoonist Kayfabe is selling fanny packs in their shop customized with one of their unique logos. They found a way to tap into their niche while building a unique aesthetic. They’ve created an experience with their shop by offering products like fanny packs.

We’re so inspired by all of these amazing shops and we hope you are, too. Start selling these spring merch favorites in your own shop.

Open a Spreadshop at no cost. It’s fully customizable and completely FREE!

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The use of fanny packs has been fashionable for some time. You may get them from any of the many quick fashion stores out there, such Forever 21 or H&M.

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Amazing! Just read your 2022 spring merch article so was delighted to see this. Thanks

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