Start Your Own Clothing Line

start your clothing line

You don’t need to be a fashion magnate like Tom Ford to start your own clothing line. With Spreadshop, it’s easy to customize hundreds of clothing products/accessories and make money.

And because we’re a print on-demand merch service, it’s easy to design and manage your clothing line. You don’t need a third party supplier or even have to ship orders yourself. We take care of all of that at absolutely NO COST!

There’s no reason not to start your own clothing line with Spreadshop. Here are 5 reasons why you should…

build your brand

Build Your Brand From Your Bedroom

Building a brand might seem daunting, but it’s actually easier than you think. Your brand is what makes sense for you. It can be an aesthetic – retro, streetwear, etc. – or in relation to a particular hobby, like tennis or gaming.

You should have a brand before you start your clothing line. This makes it easier for you to connect with the right audience. Your clothing line doesn’t have to appeal to everybody. And it shouldn’t. 

When you find that niche, then you can market your clothing to the people that matter. You won’t have to worry about creating an intense marketing campaign. When you speak to your target audience, sales will follow.

product selection

Plenty of Product Options

We have no shortage of products when it comes to starting your clothing line. Beyond your standard T-Shirt, we have hundreds of products available in our assortment. Sell tote bags, stickers, water bottles, hats, sweatpants and more in your shop.

One of the best parts of print on-demand: you can toggle on/off products as you please. Sell products that suit whatever season you’re in. Only offer particular colors to create a curated clothing line. It’s totally up to you!

And the same goes for designs. If a design isn’t selling, you can easily remove it from your shop or only feature it on certain products. You won’t be losing any money in the process. Your clothing line can be whatever you want it to be.

print on demand

Why Print On-Demand?

Starting your clothing line is easy with print on-demand. We couldn’t imagine it any other way. When you use Spreadshop, all you need to do is upload awesome designs and get the word out. We take care of everything else!

That means you don’t have to worry about fulfilling and shipping orders. We have facilities across the globe that take care of that. If there’s an issue with a customer’s order, our customer service team is on it. You don’t even have to get involved.

We want to make the process of starting your clothing line as seamless as possible. And getting paid, too. It’s easy to manage your monthly payments: Deposit directly to your bank account or a PayPal transfer.

customize your clothing site

Showcase Your Clothing

Having great products is one thing, showing them off is another. Your clothing line deserves the star treatment, and you can give it that when you customize your Spreadshop.

Customizing your site is a great way to solidify your brand. Upload your brand colors and any associated imagery. The Kind Mind Co. has one of our favorite website designs. 

Emily, host of the podcast, used an image of herself in the banner for her shop. It’s welcoming and totally on brand. And her latest products/designs are available for purchase on her start page.

Taking the time to customize your site will create a more immersive experience for your customers. They’ll feel more connected to you and your brand. It puts your clothing line in the best possible light.

promote your clothing

The Art of the Merch Drop

When you start your clothing line, it’s important to have a promotion strategy. A successful merch drop is dependent on you being authentic to your audience and brand. 

Creating a merch drop can be a fun and easy way to get your fans involved with your brand. But, in order to make sure that your merch drop is successful, you need to put in some effort and develop a strategy. Here are a few tips:

1) Tease out your merch drop with little sneak peeks. Utilize the countdown feature on your Instagram stories or post about it on your other social media channels.

2) If you make videos or livestream on platforms like Twitch, wear your merch. This will get people interested and excited about what you have to offer.

3) You can also do a giveaway leading up to your merch drop. This will help generate interest and get people talking about your brand.

Ready to start your own clothing line? Do it today at NO COST with Spreadshop!

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