These new YouTube features will boost your merch business

These new YouTube features will boost your merch business

Calling all creators! There’s news from the world of YouTube Merchandise. We’ve got the lowdown on the latest features you can use to take advantage of your channel and boost your merch sales.

YouTube: a magnet for creators

YouTube is the main destination for the creator community. The Merch Shelf features allows you to sell merch that matches your content directly beneath your videos.

On YouTube, no matter how niche your content, you’re guaranteed to have eyes on you. According to YouTube, the popular unboxing video genre alone generated 700 million views a week in 2022.

No wonder a growing number of creatives want to sell their merch on the video platform. In 2022 alone, over 100,000 creators, artists and brands linked their shop to their YouTube channel.

The platform is now releasing new Merch Shelf functions to keep YouTubers happy in the long run.

The YouTube Merch Shelf goes mobile

As a user of the merchandise area, you’ve already linked your shop to your YouTube channel. With YouTube Studio, this is possible in just a few clicks.

But what about adding products from another shop to your Merch Shelf? From now on, you don’t even need to open your laptop to do this. Just use the app.

If you meet the conditions for using the merchandise area, you can add one or more Spreadshops to your channel, for instance, via the Shopping tab in YouTube’s mobile app. It’s nice and simple with your smartphone.

You can now manage your products on mobile via the app, too. This helps you keep track on the move. Simply select products to show beneath your videos from one or more of your shops.

Want more information on selling merch on YouTube? Check out our lowdown on the key points.

Product tagging in existing YouTube videos

YouTube has also updated the product tagging function for your videos. Until now, they were linked in the Shopping tab for the relevant video. This process has now changed.

Tagging in the desktop version

For videos and shorts that have already been uploaded, you’ll now find the tagging tool in the “Video details” section on YouTube Studio.

Here, you can link to up to 30 products in a single video or short. Simply drag and drop your merch products into the product box and click Save.

Tagging in the mobile version

You’ll find the tagging function under “Video details” on YouTube Studio in the app, too. Tap the “+” symbol next to the product, then “Done”. This allows you to link up to 30 products in your video or short using your smartphone, too.

Tagging in new videos

When uploading new videos or shorts, going forward, you’ll be able to tag your products as you upload. To do this, simply click “Tag products” during the upload process. This opens the tagging tool. Now you can simply select the items that are set to appear in your videos.

Once your content is online, your audience will see a little shopping button in your videos or shorts. A product range will also appear on your Merch Shelf. This boosts visibility for your merch further and allows fans to view your content and shop at the same time.

Tagging in live streams

Are you a YouTube pro who loves to livestream? Then don’t forget to tag your products here, too. With a little preparation, you can even create a perfect shopping experience for your fans when you go live, too.

It’s nice and simple. Set up your live session as usual. Then choose the products you want to promote. During the stream, you can pin the products you selected whenever you like.

Followers watching on their smartphone will see the pinned products appear in your stream as an overlay. In the desktop version, they’ll appear in the chat window, too. This is the best way to spotlight your merch.

A better way to do merch – with YouTube and Spreadshop

Your videos and shorts are the perfect place to boost awareness of you and your brand and generate more revenue. The YouTube Merch Shelf is an easy way to reach your community directly.

The extensive Spreadshop range has the right product for every niche. Have a look and see which products from your shop match the content of your YouTube videos. Or design the right item for your next video or stream. Your fans will love it.

What experience have you had with YouTube’s Merch Shelf? Let us know in the comments.

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