Start your YouTube merch business! 

Start your YouTube merch business!

Do your fans love your video content? Do you already run your own Spreadshop? Then we’ve got exciting news for you! With YouTube’s latest merchandise features, you can use your channel to boost sales of your products.

Tap into YouTube’s power

Whether you’re a pro or a total newbie – YouTube is the ultimate platform for content creators. With the YouTube merchandise section, you can sell merch to match your content right underneath your videos.

A place for everyone on YouTube

No matter how specific your niche, on YouTube, you can get the right attention. Unboxing videos generated over 700 million views per week in 2022 alone. This shows a growing number of creatives are looking to sell their merch via the video platform. Why not you too?

Link your Spreadshop to your YouTube channel

The first step is simple: link your Spreadshop to your YouTube channel. With user-friendly YouTube Studio, you can do this in just a few clicks. Our tutorial shows you how it’s done. Once you’ve linked them up, lots of new options are open to you.

The conditions your channel needs to fulfil so you can sell your merch on YouTube depends on many factors. Recently, a growing number of YouTubers – including those with smaller communities – have been able to ‘monetise’ their channels. Find out about the latest entry requirements here.

Do you meet all the conditions to monetise your channel? Have you linked your channel and Spreadshop? Perfect. Then you must read our post on the latest YouTube features for merchandise. Find out how these features can help you unlock even greater success when selling your merch.

Make your merch a success with YouTube and Spreadshop

Your videos and shorts are the perfect place to boost your brand and generate more revenue with your merch.

With YouTube’s merchandise section, you can reach your community quickly and easily. On Spreadshop you’ll find a wide range of products to suit your niche perfectly.

Have a look and see which products from your shop fit the content in your videos. Or design special products for your upcoming videos. Your fans will love it.

Are you ready to discover the merch opportunities on your YouTube channel just waiting for you to tap into? There’s no time like the present. Take advantage of the new features and turn your YouTube channel into a successful sales channel for your merchandise.

Tell us in the comments about experiences you’ve had with YouTube and how it can take your merch business to the next level.

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20 days ago

YouTube website.

Steven Jackson
Steven Jackson
1 month ago

Have you tried the geometry dash meltdown game that is gaining interest among players and streamers? A game that should not be missed.

house of hazards
6 months ago

Maybe I’m just a grumpy music nerd, but I think these musicians deserve better. They pushed boundaries, challenged norms, and created some of the most iconic music ever. Their stories deserve to be told with the same level of ambition and artistry.

Chetan wankhede
Chetan wankhede
11 months ago


11 months ago

could not understand to create it

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Malik Adil
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Malik Adil

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farman khan

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