Get even more insights with YouTube Studio

Get even more insights with YouTube Studio

As a content creator, you know how important it is to engage your fans and build a dedicated community. High-quality videos and merch in your Spreadshop help you boost your brand. Have you heard of the latest features offering even more insights in YouTube Studio? They’re guaranteed to help you optimise your merch sales.

Unlock the full potential of YouTube Studio

The Shopping section in YouTube Studio is a valuable tool for content creators to keep track of their product sales. With the latest update, it gets even better.

Now you can get detailed insights into your products’ success. Find out how many clicks a specific product has racked up in total. This helps you track how popular your merch is with your audience.

This information is incredibly valuable in measuring the success of your marketing strategies and adapting your sales tactics if necessary to generate more clicks and conversions.

Making an impression: your merch on YouTube

But that’s not all. The new functions also let you view your products’ impressions. This helps you draw better conclusions on your products’ visibility and whether changes are needed to placements or thumbnails. Ultimately, it’s about your products and their visibility.

Boost your revenue with top-performing products

The Shopping section in YouTube Studio now lets you view the top-performing products by clicks. This helps you immediately identify the most-clicked products and adjust your product range swiftly if needed.

Happy community – happy YouTuber

For content creators, success isn’t just about numbers and stats. It’s also about sharing your passion with your community and boosting your brand. The new YouTube Studio features offer you insights and statistics – and the opportunity to celebrate your sales success with fans, too.

Share your wins on your YouTube channel and encourage your fans to support your merchandise. Show them which products are most popular and give them an insight into the success you’ve achieved thanks to their support. A motivated community will buy your products and be proud to be part of your success story.

How do you like to share your wins with your community? Let us know in the comments.

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