Keep track of it all with YouTube Studio

Keep track of it all with YouTube Studio

Merch flying off the (virtual) shelves in your Spreadshop? Now is the perfect time to conquer YouTube’s merch area, too. You can well and truly get your sales off the ground with the latest metrics features from YouTube Studio.

YouTube Studio – the ultimate merch hub

If you’d like to take your merch business to the next level on YouTube, then YouTube Studio is the perfect place. You can use the YouTube Studio app to manage and optimise your YouTube channel.

Here, you can analyse statistics, promote interaction with your fans and optimise your videos and content. The app also offers you opportunities to monetise your content and build an engaged community. In short: YouTube Studio is where the merch magic happens.

Low barrier – big future

Various factors determine whether your channel meets the requirements for the YouTube partner programme and monetising your content. These include the view time for your videos and your subscriber numbers. Click here to find out whether your channel is already ready for merch or whether your content needs to garner a little more attention.

Are you all clear to start monetising your content? Then let’s get started. We’ve got the lowdown on the first steps to building your merch business on YouTube here.

How does your merch measure up?

YouTube Studio offers extensive insights – now in even more detail thanks to the latest features. For instance, you can now check out how many clicks individual products you offer beneath your videos have generated in total.

This tells you how popular your merch is with your fans. This information is incredibly valuable in measuring the success of your marketing strategies and adapting your sales tactics if necessary to rack up more clicks and revenue.

Making an impression: your merch on YouTube

Another new feature is product impressions. This means you can see how often your fans were shown your merch on YouTube. This helps you discover how visible your merchandise is.

Do you potentially need to change your videos’ thumbnails or placement so viewers can click on your content and see more of your product range? The impressions hold the key.

And the winner is…

Another new addition is information on your top products. Which product performs best among your fans? You can see straight away in the YouTube Studio Shopping section.

This allows you to draw conclusions about the rest of the range. What has your best product got that the others haven’t? How can you promote the ‘unpopular’ products? Time to experiment.

YouTube Studio – your merch dashboard

If you want to hit the ground running with your merch business, YouTube Studio and its new features make the ideal toolbox. Motivate your community and provide exciting content tailored to your fans.

The more views your videos and shorts have, the bigger your chances of growing revenue. Little by little, you’ll build up the skills you need as an up-and-coming content creator.

The stats you get from YouTube Studio are a helpful benchmark. But the most important thing is you have fun doing it. After all, when you’re happy, your community is happy, too. And your merch business will practically start growing by itself.

Are you eyeing up the opportunity to expand your YouTube channel? Let us know which content you’re especially excited about.

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