New Colors & Sizes: Assortment Updates for your Shop

New Colors & Sizes: Assortment Updates for your Shop

Stock up your Shop with our expanded range of large sizes and fresh color choices. Plus, say goodbye to a few polo shirts and discontinued mugs. Update your assortment accordingly and get ready for the upcoming season!

New Colors & Sizes

  • Fitted Cotton/Poly T-Shirt by Next Level (ID 1130) new colors now available in the following sizes:
    • Black in 4XL
    • Heather Black & Heather Military Green in 3XL & 4XL
    • Heather Royal, Heather Navy, White & Heather Gray in 3XL
  • Men’s Hoodie (ID 111)
    • 3XL is now available in asphalt
    • 3XL-5XL are now available in red & ash
  • Men’s T-Shirt (ID 210)
    • Denim in size 4XL
    • Orange & Aquatic Blue in the sizes of 3XL & 4XL
  • Women’s Hoodie (ID 405): now available in classic pink and heather oatmeal
  • Women’s Curvy Tee (ID 1260) now available in navy

Product Deactivations

  • Men’s Pique Polo Shirt (ID 1412) in burgundy, forest green, beige & yellow has been discontinued by the supplier
  • Women’s Pique Polo Shirt (ID 1411) in burgundy & forest green has been discontinued by the supplier
  • Adult Ultra Cotton Polo Shirt (ID 110) in burgundy has been discontinued by the supplier
  • Full Color Mug (ID 949) & Full Color Panoramic Mug (ID 1134) in red & royal blue

Questions? Requests for our assortment? Let us know in the comments!

New YouTube Merchandise Product Feed

New YouTube Merchandise Product Feed

As already announced, we are updating the domain structure for your Spreadshop. While we’re at it, we’re giving your YouTube merchandise area a nice little technical tune-up. This will make selling your products through YouTube even easier. We will also transfer your product feed to the new domain. Since September 24th, the transfer is complete – no action needed from your side.

Stay tuned and sell merch

Thanks to extensive testing, we do not expect any disruptions or bugs – your merchandise area should still work exactly the same after the changeover. So you can just sit back and relax.

If you sell your store products on other platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest in addition to the YouTube merchandise area, you will have to update the product feed yourself. You can find more information here.


The domain update for your Spreadshop is now finished. The new subdomain will simplify your Shop verification for the YouTube merch shelf, making it easier to sell your products directly under your videos. Read all the details here.

Are you ready for your Shop domain to be redirected?

Are you ready for your Shop domain to be redirected?

We’ll soon be redirecting your Shop URL from the old to the new domain. Learn how to customize your store integrations on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Google here.

What does domain redirection mean for my Shop?

On September 27th, domain forwarding will be activated from your old to your new store domain. From this date on, every page view of your old store URL will be redirected to the new one:

During normal online surfing, nothing changes. Whoever types in your old store URL in their browser will be automatically redirected to the new domain. Nevertheless, you should only use the new store URL from now on.

The Google index will also be switched to the new domain. So whoever searches for your Shop in the future will see your store with the new domain on the search results page.

Next step: update the domain on all your platforms

If you also sell your Shop products on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Google or advertise your store there, then there’s an important step you need to take.

If you do not update your domain on these platforms, you may get error messages.

Therefore, you should definitely adjust your store integration and product feed on all external platforms as soon as possible. This is especially true for:

– the Facebook Business Manger and therefore also for Instagram

– the Google Merchant Center

– Pinterest Shopping

You’ll need to make sure to link your new Shop domain there in order to guarantee that your products can be clicked on and purchased, as well as to ensure that your advertising is correctly displayed.

Why does my Shop need a new domain?

Facebook, Pinterest, and other platforms require subdomain structures for the integration of Shops into their platforms. You can read more about the details and background information here.

NEW: Stainless Steel Pint Cup (North America & Oceania)

NEW: Stainless Steel Pint Cup (North America & Oceania)

Add your designs to our new Stainless Steel Pint Cup and give your Shop customers something to raise their glasses to. It’s ideal for beer or any cold beverages, around the campfire or lounging at home.

Stainless Steel Pint Cup (ID 1584)

  • Material: 100% stainless steel
  • Brand: Johnson Plastics
  • Capacity: 17 oz
  • COO info: Imported product, printed & processed in the USA
  • Not for use in microwave
  • Semi-gloss finish
  • Lead and cadmium free
  • Hand washing recommended

Print & price details

  • Print type: Thermal sublimation
  • Accepted file types: Pixel and vector graphics
  • Print area (width x height): 2,4″ x 3,5″ (6,3 cm x 8,9 cm)
  • Not suitable for white designs
  • Pricing varies for USDCA, and AUD

Any questions? Let us know in the comments below!

August Assortment Updates

August Assortment Updates

The assortment is more colorful than ever! We’ve added many new hues to our North American platform. Plus, we’ve tidied up the European one too. Read on to see all the latest changes.

North America & Oceania

Size additions

The following size/color combinations are now available in the assortment.

  • Men’s Hoodie (ID 111): 3XL, 4XL, 5XL added in red and asphalt
  • Unisex Crewneck Sweatshirt (ID 512): 3XL, 4XL, 5XL added in red and asphalt
  • Unisex Baseball T-Shirt (ID 951): 3XL added in white/charcoal, white/red, white/kelly green, white/navy and heather gray/red
  • Men’s T-Shirt (ID 210): 3XL, 4XL added in yellow
  • Women’s T-Shirt (ID 347): 3XL added in purple, purple heather, charcoal, and red

Replacement product

Unfortunately, the following product has been discontinued by the supplier. We’re currently looking for a replacement.

  • Women’s Tri-Blend V-Neck T-Shirt (ID 1038)


We’re keeping our phone case offerings current. Once the remaining stock has sold, the following products will no longer be available.


Replacement products

Once the remaining stock has sold, the following product will no longer be available. But keep an eye out – we’ll be replacing it very soon.

  • Women’s Organic Sweatshirt Slim-Fit (ID 891)

Due to availability issues, we’ve also had to temporarily deactivate the following product. We’ll let you know once we’ve found a replacement.

Color deactivations

They’ve had a good run, but now it’s time to add some new shades to the assortment. The following product/color combinations will no longer be available.

  • Full Colour Panoramic Mug (ID 1134) in red, blue, and yellow
  • Full Colour Mug (ID 949) in red, blue, and yellow

That’s all for assortment updates! Do you have any products in mind that you’d like to see in the assortment? Let us know in the comments.

Social Commerce: Take your New Spreadshop Domain to New Heights

Social Commerce: Take your New Spreadshop Domain to New Heights

You’ve been asking for an easier verification of your Shop on Facebook, Google and Pinterest for a while. And it’s happening! We’ve optimized the structure of your Spreadshop domain and made it future-proof. You can now sell and advertise products even more effectively on your social networks.

Why does my Shop need a new domain structure?

With the old domain structure, the URL for your Shop looked like this:

For the past few weeks, social networks like Facebook and Pinterest allowed only subdomain structures to be embedded on their platforms. We’ve fixed this for you by fronting your shop name so it will become a subdomain. You can use the link as follows:

The same principle also applies to your checkout area. The URL now looks like this:

The benefits for you and your customers are massive, and you will enjoy this change for years to come!

Why social commerce is a no-brainer

The changeover to the new domain structure ensures that you can continue to sell Spreadshop products via Google, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest in the future. The verification process has been standardized and made more secure. Social commerce is now easy! You can just upload your product feed, advertise, and sell your products. Let’s go!

How can I get started?

In the transition phase, both the old and the new URL for your Shop will work alongside one another. If someone tries to use the old URL, they will be redirected accordingly.

You can already start adjusting all links to your Shop, everywhere you use them. Here are a few examples:

  • In your social media bios (Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Soundcloud, etc.)
  • In all future social media posts
  • On your flyers, websites, email signatures, etc..
  • The links that integrate your Shop with your website

You can find more information on how to verify your Shop directly on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or via the Google Merchant Center. After that, it’s best to start creating new social and Google Ads right away to boost sales in your Shop.

If you have any questions or comments about the new Spreadshop domain, please leave us a comment or visit the forum.


Spreadshop Promos: August – September

Spreadshop Promos: August – September

Running a promo in your Shop is very exciting for customers and gives you the opportunity to organize a fun campaign. You can take advantage of promos to, well, promote new products you’ve added to your collection. Like the fresh Unisex Hooded Jacket, or the Standard Hoodie for kids and teens… With back-to-school season and cooler weather just around the corner, these are promos you won’t want to miss out on.

Global promos August – September 2021

  • August 4th – 7th : 15% off everything
  • August 24th – 26th : 20% off everything
  • September 7th – 9th : Free shipping
  • September 20th – 23rd : 15% off everything
  • September 29th – October 1st : 20% off everything

Remember, when you choose to run a promotion you have a window of up to 60 days. You can set your dates 30 days before or after the official promotion date. To adjust the start date of your promos, click on the promo calendar (Shop settings > Prices & promos > Promo campaigns).

Any questions? Ask away in the comments below or in the forum.

July Spreadshop Product Updates for EU

July Spreadshop Product Updates for EU

What’s new? Sizes and fresh colors. Plus, two products are quietly saying goodbye to our range. Discover all of the changes here.

More sizes, more fun

  • The snug Men’s Slim Fit T-Shirt (ID 963) is finally available in 2XL

New color additions

  • The Women’s Premium Hoodie (ID 444) now has a pastel hue, and is available in mauve
  • The Men’s Premium Hoodie (ID 20) looks great in our new olive shade

Product deactivation

  • The Kid’s Longsleeve (ID 1390) and the Teenager Longsleeve (ID 1397) from Fruit of the Loom are now leaving the assortment. But suitable replacements are on the way soon!

Do you have any questions or comments about our July product updates? Tell us about it in the comments or in the forum!

IT-Security Incident

IT-Security Incident

Spread Group was the target of an organized cyber-attack which was carried out with considerably vicious criminal intent. You might’ve read about it in our recent emails, press release or FAQ. For the sake of transparency and your accounts safety, we would like to recommend again that you change your account password and PayPal password. Of course, we don’t have access to nor do we store any password information from accounts at PayPal. Generally, we recommend changing your password if you haven’t done so in a while, especially to protect sensitive data.

Data security is our number one priority, and we are taking this incident extremely seriously. Our crisis team is working with external cyber-security specialists to systematically reconstruct the events. We will be implementing additional measures to ensure that this kind of breach cannot happen again. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you and your customers.

We will continue to keep you updated as the situation develops, and new information arises. Until then, you can visit our FAQ to learn more.