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What is Product Page?

Definition and Meaning

In the simplest form, product page is a page on a website that describes a particular product or service. This can include specific specs and features, and it may also provide information about the manufacturer and brand. While text is the standard way of displaying this pertinent information, many companies are also finding more innovative methods of showcasing these facts (including videos or demos).

Of course, when you’re trying to understand the answer to “what is a product page,” you should consider that the page is intended to do much more than inform. Rather, the product page should play a role in convincing your customer to make a purchase. Therefore, you’ll want to fill your page with motivating, convincing text, and you should top it off with a strong call to action button. Anything that you can add to this page to convince customers to buy is worthwhile.

What Should My Product Page Include?

Now that we’ve answered the question of “what is a product page,” it’s time to dive into the specific details that should be included on this page. Overall, it’s easiest if you think of this page as a brochure or an encyclopedia that solely focuses on one particular product. In other words, it’s important to include every important detail of the product, even if the feature or spec doesn’t seem all that important. Just remember: any information that convinces a customer to pull the trigger on a purchase is important. A clever way of assuring that your product page is efficient is to include information like

  • How the product works
  • How the product was made/produced
  • Best practices for using the product

Do I Need a Product Page for My Spreadshop?

Of course! While receiving an answer to the question of “what is a product page” is part of the equation, executing and adding the relevant pages to your site is the next part of the journey. Ultimately, you’ll want to describe each of the products that you offer in your Spreadshop. Fortunately, you’ll have some reference, as each of our offerings is already accompanied by its own detailed product page. You can either lean on these already-created pages or you can create your own!

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