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Jaw-Dropping plugins to integrate your Spreadshop easily into your website

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Integrate your Spreadshop into your website in 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Login to Wordpress

Login to your Wordpress dashboard, select "plugins" then "add new".

Step 2: Access the Spreadshop Plugin

Search for the Spreadshop plugin, select "install" then "activate".

Step 3: Fill in Your Information

Populate the designated fields with your shop ID, country, shop language and desired URL. Save your changes and enjoy the power of Spreadshop!

Goodbye manual shop hosting. Hello easy integration.


Spreadshop has collaborated with Wordpress to make integration free and easier than ever. Enjoy the full functionality of Spreadshop on your Wordpress blog with just a few clicks!

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Make things easy on yourself by utilizing our Weebly plugin. Boost sales by integrating your Spreadshop into your Weebly page for FREE!

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Enhance your Spreadshop experience by integrating with Joomla! This plugin enables users to display products from onto their Joomla page with ease.

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Unleash the power of plugins with Spreadshop and Wix! Seamlessly integrate your Spreadshop products and features onto your Wix page. It’s integration made easy! 

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