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Spreadshop is absolutely, positively, 100% free. There are no fees or hidden charges, and you won't have to pay a dime throughout your selling experience. Spreadshop is completely risk-free, so you have no excuse not to try it out. After all, who doesn't like making some extra money?

Upload Designs

Upload Your Designs

Why stress yourself out and use a glitchy website that barely works? At Spreadshop, you can easily upload your own personal design or photo, and you can then add it to any of our customizable products. If you're hoping to sell your designs online without the stress, then Spreadshop is the perfect choice.

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Start Selling Designs

Want to make some money off your creative ideas? After uploading your design and attaching it to any of our customizable products, you can quickly and easily put that product up for sale! If you're intending to sell T-shirts online to make money, then Spreadshop is the place to make that happen.

Shop Features

Shop Integration Options

We'd never suggest ditching your existing website, especially if that's where you've been guiding customers for all this time. Fortunately, you can easily integrate Spreadshop into your website, providing you with the best of both worlds.

Facebook Pixel

Social media is a great way to advertise your booming business. By using Facebook Pixel, you can gauge the effectiveness of your Spreadshop marketing efforts, thus allowing you to properly allocate resources.

Professional Images with Placeit

If you're wondering how to sell T-shirt designs online despite your lack of artistic ability, there's no need to worry. PlaceIt can provide you with one-of-a-kind mockups and designs. You can even get an exclusive discount on the service via Spreadshop!

Statistics App

Spreadshop's Statistics App allows you to monitor every number that goes into a particular sale. These helpful statistics will provide insight into your prices, inventory, and sales.

Google Analytics Integration

Ignorance is bliss, but not when you're trying to make money! If you want to maximize your Spreadshop sales, than you should take advantage of Google Analytics Integration. This tool will provide you with useful insight regarding clicks and conversions, cluing you in to how everthing on your website is working.

Google Adwords Integration

Uploading designs and creating products is only part of the selling process. Rather, you'll have to focus on marketing if you want to maximize your sales, and a great way to do that is via Google Adwords. This tool will provide you with helpful keywords that you can include in your Shop and website, increasing the chance that customers find your site.

Mobile or Desktop: Spreadshop YOUR Way

Focus on your target group by customizing your Spreadshop

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Stand out with your own design Shop. Modify your Shop start page to match your brand. Customization settings are quick and easy, so you can stay focused on selling.

  • No Limits so you can create as many products as you want.
  • You're in Control of your prices and earnings.
  • Beginner or Expert opening a Shop is easy, no matter your experience level.

Spreadshop is Free. Forever.

Set Your Prices

You decide your retail prices. We subtract the base price for the product, you keep the rest.


Product base price


Retail price incl. your margin

Sell More to Earn More

You control your margin. The more you sell, the more we reward you with reduced product base prices. This increases your margin.


Production costs


Your earnings

Monthly payout

Monthly Payout

When you have an additional source of income to count on, there’s a lot more you can do for your business. So, when you’re making sales in your Spreadshop, that monthly payout will provide you with something that you can reinvest into your business. Plus, it’s easy to track your sales and stats on-the-go, so you'll know what to expect for every payout!

Your Spreadshop, Your Rules.

Your Spreadshop, Your Rules.

You set your prices. You determine your profit margin. You decide if and when to run discount promotions. You even get rewarded with a higher margin when you make more sales. With Spreadshop, you have complete control over your brand, your marketing, and your earnings.

Promotions for your customers

Discount promos for your customers

Keep your customers coming back for more with enticing monthly promos. You decide when and if to run promo campaigns for your Shop. Develop your brand’s own marketing strategy!

100% Free

No fees? Is This for Real?

Yes. Spreadshop is (and always will be) 100% FREE! No surprise fees, no subscription charges, no catch. You can only make money with Spreadshop...never lose it.


Jeremy Kalgreen
Jeremy Kalgreen

“Spreadshop's printing options are way better than the alternatives. I've had some sample shirts made from other print-on-demand companies and I thought the quality was terrible. The margins are also better with Spreadshop, which is naturally important if you want to make a living doing this.”

Robbert Muurbloempje
Robbert Muurbloempje
Thug Life

“I've been a fan of Spreadshop since leaving Teespring. Everything works smoothly, and the designer tool is very user-friendly. Made a lot of sales without maintaining a website and orders on a daily base.”

Jeff Rice
Jeff Rice
Partner Since 2012

“I use Spreadshop because it's the most efficient, innovative, and cost-effective platform on the market. You have the ability to control your inventory, offerings, and commission, which gives you a lot more flexibility. Spreadshop continues to remain the industry standard for good reason.”

Zack D'Ulisse
Zack D'Ulisse
Partner Since 2012

“Balancing a full-time graphic design job as well as my small T-shirt business can be tough, but the convenience and efficiency are second to none and allows me to keep peace of mind when it comes to production and shipping.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Spreadshop really free?

Opening a Spreadshop is absolutely free! We focus on print-on-demand products, so there are absolutely zero expenses on your end. All we ask is that you provide your creativity… we'll handle the rest.

Do I really make money with every sale?

You do! You'll make money from every single sale, which makes sense since they're *your* ideas. Plus, we offer the most lucrative commission payouts in the industry, so your creativity will be rewarded in your monthly earnings.

Are there any bonuses if I sell more?

We've introduced a brand-new volume commission program, meaning you can earn some extra money if you sell just 26+ products within a single month. These earnings will be in addition to your regular commission, meaning your earnings potential is practically neverending.

Can I integrate the Shop with my website?

Yes! Just because you opened a Spreadshop, it doesn't mean you should ignore your existing website. Rather, you can quickly integrate your Shop into practically any website. Simply take advantage of our various plug-ins (as well as some intuitive JavaScript solutions) to make it a reality!

How far can I go with my Shop Customization?

It's your Shop, so you might as well make it your way. There are plenty of ways to customize your Spreadshop, and it goes beyond your ability to choose a color scheme or header image. Rather, with a simple bit of CSS work, you can truly make your Spreadshop one of a kind.

Why sell merchandise?

Do you want to be your own boss? Do you want to start selling T-shirts online to make money? Do you want your creative designs to get the recognition they deserve? These are all major reasons why you should be opening your own Spreadshop.

Ready to Start Selling Your Merch?

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