The Premium Shop Free for All!

The Premium Shop Free for All!


Spreadshirt keeps a keen eye on making the customer experience more fun and valuable. This is why we’ll be upgrading the partner management areas and shop functionality in 2015. These upgrades will help our Shop Partners create and sell their ideas and products much faster and more efficiently.

One MAJOR change is taking place at the beginning of February 2015 – the Premium Shop functionality will be free of charge! The following most important Premium Features will be free for all shop partners:

• Manage multiple shops from one account
• Run up to 5 T-Shirt Designer shops
• Upload up to 50 vector or pixel graphic files for free – every day
• Offer “limited editions” of certain products

In the year 2015, we’ll be introducing lots of new products, too. You’ll be able to personalize them in next-to-no-time to create products for mobile-friendly shops. What’s more, the extension of our global range to Australia and Switzerland means that your designs are now available in the Marketplaces of 18 countries, and they can be delivered to as many as 150 countries. This and the added functionality is bound to make the whole Spreadshirt experience more rewarding for Shop Partners and customers alike.

Any questions? Please let us know! You can leave a comment below or get in touch with our blog or service teams: at or – we’ll be glad to help!

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Kenny Mark
Kenny Mark
9 years ago

… We Have Been Members FOR A Number Of Years, But Limited To The Spreadshirt Possibilities Until Now.

– We can see great opportunities for other shop owner’s like ourselves to build and brand our company!

– Thank You Spreadshirt For Staying Ahead Of The Curve…

Mr Mark °•°
“Kustom Stuff”

9 years ago

What will happen with the Premium Account’s ability to add JavaScript to the header?

Art Planet
9 years ago

Great move!


9 years ago

really great news! thanks a lot!

9 years ago

how do i know if my shop is already premium?

9 years ago

Thank you very much. This is a feature that I’ve always wanted from you guys. I believe that this will encourage more shop owners to promote their products, which will result in a dramatic increase in sales: both for the shop owner, and Spreadshirt.

This is definitely a win win!!1

Thank you.

9 years ago

Great! Thanks!

9 years ago

When will the features be activated? I just tried to create a premium shop and I was asked to pay.

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