Important Tax Info for all Shop Partners


We have all worked very, very hard this year and now it’s time to get paid! It’s important to note, though, that Spreadshirt has changed our Terms of Use to adhere to current IRS requirements. In previous years, we were able to make our commission payouts with only generalized Partner information provided, but due to new regulations and requirements, some more concise Partner information will be required in order to receive your commission payments. Please continue reading for what will be required and where to find it.

This is the information required in order to receive your commission payment and where you can find/change it:

1. Name: First and last name (can be found in your account under Account Settings => Member Data)
2. Address: House number and street, city, country, ZIP code (can be found in your account under Account Settings => Member Data)
3.Tax Information for Commission Payments: Taxable/Non-Taxable information, Social Security Number (SSN) for individuals or Federal Tax ID Number (TIN) for businesses (can be found in your account under Account Settings => Financial Administration => Tax Number/Social Security Number => Edit)

PLEASE NOTE: If you have earned $600 or more during 2014, this information is REQUIRED FOR COMMISSION PAYMENT. Failure to provide this information accurately will result in a delay of payment. Please make sure the information you provide is correct and matches the profile information entered for your account.

Please refer to the updated General Terms and Conditions and to the updated Shop Owner Terms and Conditions for complete information.

If you should have any questions or issues, please get in touch with We are happy to guide you through this process to ensure that you receive your payment. We thank you for your attention in this matter and for working with Spreadshirt. We’d like to wish you all a happy holidays and we look forward to another profitable year in 2015. 🙂

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Michael Crespin
9 years ago

i would like to create a shop

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