Spreadshop Tools: Buffer

Spreadshop Tools: Buffer

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram… it can be difficult running all your social media accounts. Fortunately, you can use Buffer to schedule content and check analytics without having to visit multiple websites.

A detailed social media strategy is an effective way to guide customers to your Shop, but it can be tough to execute this plan across multiple platforms. Thanks to Buffer, you can schedule these posts ahead of time, regardless of the website. That way, you don’t have to visit these individual platforms right before you’re ready to post.

Analytics are a great way to monitor how your social media efforts are working, and Buffer’s tools allow you analyze all this information in one spot. By seeing all this information in one place, you can better understand areas of improvement and what’s working well. You can even use this information to pass along to managers or clients!

You can learn more about Buffer’s advantages in this video.

Best of all, Buffer is free. Shop owners can connect up to three social media profiles free of charge. For even more features, you’ll only have to dish out a $15 monthly fee to take your social media efforts to a whole new level.

Visit Buffer

What do you think of Buffer? Are you excited to optimize your social media strategies? Let us know in the comments below!

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10 months ago

i would like to know if i can add a design element to my shirts after ive already set them all up

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