SEO: How to Improve Your Google Ranking – Part 1

SEO: How to Improve Your Google Ranking – Part 1

Improve the Google ranking of your Shop with search engine optimization. But what’s this thing – SEO – and how does it work? We asked other Shop Owners how they do it.

How to improve the Google ranking of your Shop is at the heart of our new “ask other Shop Owners about SEO“ series. In this first part, we called on  j-sign to tell us how he does his search engine optimization.

Hey Daniel! What SEO goals do you have for your Shop?

I just want to get as far ahead as possible, ideally up to number one in the ranking. This means that people who enter my search term keywords can find my Shop at the top of Google. That’s why I keep working on improving the Google ranking of my Shop.

Fingers crossed! Have you ever read (or seen) SEO tutorials? If so, which ones and what were these tutorials about?

Not really. But I work for an advertising agency called KreativWerk, and a main focus of ours is SEO. My job taught me how a lot about SEO, and I can use this knowledge for my private page.

Handy! So – do tell us – what exactly do you do to optimize your Shop?

Phew. There are many things you can do to improve . The most important thing is to first conduct a keyword analysis to find out what potential customers are looking for and how they search for it. Then you should pick the most important keywords (no more than 3) and use them on the start page. “Using” them means to write them in headlines, texts and pictures. For the other keywords you want to use, you should create landing pages.

All pages should be linked up in some way. This is the reason why I have created some 60 pages over time, in German and in English. For SEO it’s important to offer qualitaty content. This may not even be relevant for normal visitors, but it serves to feed the search engine. A good mix of content and pictures works well.

So you create quality content to improve the Google ranking of your Shop intersting! Which SEO tools or plugins have you tried? What did you like (or dislike) about these tools?

I created my website with WordPress and chose an SEO plugin to create and maintain the basic SEO stuff. I use the Yoast SEO plugin. This creates a sitemap and gives me the possibility to add a page title and a page description. It also helps me keep a rough overview if I have too much or too little text and how the description is positioned in relation to the content on the page.

In addition to Yoast, I also use the tool. The tool analyses the site and tackles the problems at hand. It’s nice that you can see your ranking history as well. Backlinks are also important for SEO optimization. The tool shows you existing backlinks and possibilities to create further backlinks. It also points out opions for you to place links of your website on other websites.

When using Seobility and Yoast, you’ll learn what is important and how to fix problems. Learning by doing, so to speak. Seobility offers all of this. They have a WDF-Tool, evaluate the backlinks, analyze competing websites and suggest them as a possible backlink source. About 70% of my optimization is done by Seobility.

Nice! Anything else people can do to boost their SEO?

SEO is a bottomless pit. There is no end to your efforts – you can always do more to improve your Google ranking. Keep concentrating on generating backlinks, expanding your pages or refining your texts. The competition never sleeps, so don’t rest on the laurels of a good ranking. If you don’t do anything, you can slip down just as easily as you went up.

Thank you for providing this great advice! We’re sure other Shop Owners will find this very helpful.

If you don’t know anything about the topic yet, you can read up on it first. You can find out more about SEO & Keyword Research for Your Shop as well as Backlinks and Google Index.

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