A Spreadshop for Everyone: Top Shops for April 2021

Best Selling Merch April 2021

Behind the scenes here we always like to say “There’s a Spreadshop for everyone!” And our top performing shops in North America for April 2021 prove it!

You may have thought to yourself that only big influencers or youtubers can sell merch. Wrong! Who knows, maybe this will inspire you to go do your thing?! When you’re ready, we’ll keep a free shop open for you.

#1 Pittsburgh Clothing

Top Spreadshop April 2021

Pittsburgh Clothing Co. continues to be one of the top performing shops mainly because they know their niche: Pittsburgh Sports! And since sports go year round in the “City of Champions” it seems Pittsburgh Clothing has an un-ending stream of designs to speak to every fan. Another secret to their success? Clearly they are watching the events and live-brainstorming. If a big player makes a move, scores a crazy play, check twitter and they already have a shirt available for what’s going down. That’s some serious “moment merch” right there. Check out Pittsburgh Clothing’s Spreadshop and @PGHClothingCo on Twitter.

#2 Outside Chronicles

Top Spreadshops April 2021

Outside Chronicles founder, Mike Radomski is an avid outdoor enthusiast who enjoys climbing mountains, paddling whitewater, fly fishing, and mountain biking. He is a licensed NYS Guide, whitewater raft guide through Zoar Valley, Letchworth State Park, and the Black River. They do a great job of using the embed feature to drop their Spreadshop directly into their website: Outside Chronicles Shop

#3 Earth Day Organization – Official Merchandise

op Selling Merch April 2021

April 22nd was “Earth Day” but we feel like every day should be Earth Day! We’re honored to be the official merchandise shop for the Earth Day Organization. This year’s design was super impressive! You know, we only have one planet. We should keep working together to help heal it. Learn more about climate change, how you can do your part, and get their groovy merch at EarthDay.org

#4 Crazy Sock Lady!

Top Spreadshop April 2021

You’ve heard of crazy cat ladies, but have you ever heard of crazy sock ladies?! Kay Litton is a Mom, Wife, Knitter, Crocheter, Knitwear Designer, and Podcaster from Centerville, Ohio. Her “Crazy Sock Lady” podcast spreads her knowledge far and wide as she builds her Crazy Sock Lady army!!! Looks like her virtual “Summer Sock Camp” event was a big hit in her shop in April. Crazy Sock Lady’s Spreadshop and @thecrazysocklady on insta.

#5 FuckTedCruz

Best Selling Merch April 2021

Ted… this is what happens when you abandon your state in a major ice storm to take your family on vacation. And he also left his dog behind in the cold too. Uncool. What is cool though is that this shop donates 20% of their earnings to Austin Mutual Aid. They also have stickers. Shop link!

#6 Jacquii with a Cue

Top Spreadshop April 2021

We love seeing cultural celebrations expressed through merchandise. Jacquii celebrates her Iñuit community with really colorful designs, that you can see her followers are proud to wear. Her positive vibes seem to emanate through her content and everything she does. Visit her Spreadshop here, and @jackuiiwithacue on insta.

#7 Unapologetically Asian

Unapologetically Asian

Another fresh cultural brand, and meteoric rise to success. Unapologetically Asian is clothing to empower all generations of Asian + Asian Americans. They were also there in 2020 to help remind the world that Black Lives Matter! Now, sadly with an increase in attacks against Asians, they’re working around the clock to help #StopAsianHate. Support the movement and grab some of your own empowering gear at unapologeticallyasian.com

#8 Glen Kirshner #TeamJustice

Glen Kirshner

There’s a pundit among us! You may recognize Glenn as a legal analyst from MSNBC. Glenn brings analysis and insight to legal issues of the day, drawing from his 30 years as a federal prosecutor, homicide prosecutor and Army JAG. Glenn is an NBC News and MSNBC legal analyst and teaches criminal law at GWU. His new “Team Justice” brand is really resonating across the globe. (see his insta) Check out Glenn’s Spreadshop to join the team!

#9 Switch it Up

Best Selling Merch April 2021

#10 Reclaim Your Power

Reclaim Your Power

Strong. Resilient. Indigenous. This Mohawk Woman-Owned fashion brand celebrates indigenous solidarity. The designs are simple, but with bold messages that resonate among all indigenous people. See Reclaim Your Power’s other designs here, and be sure to follow them on instagram @reclaimyourpower.

#11 National Brain Tumor Society

National Brain Tumor Society

Wonderful to see the largest non-profit organization dedicated to the brain tumor community in the United States fundraising on with a Spreadshop. May is National Brain Tumor Awareness month. Learn more about this mission to fight cancer at braintumor.org

#12 American Library Association

American Library Association

The American Library Association is a nonprofit organization based in the United States that promotes libraries and library education internationally. And we must say, their graphic designer is on point! Always making great ads for their social feeds, pushing the promotions, and wonderful merch designs that friends of the library clearly enjoy. Support the ALA! See what they have on sale.

Wow. Just wow.

What a wonderful group of shop owners we have here at Spreadshop. We feel so grateful to have them with us. From sports fans, enjoying the great outdoors, all the way to celebrating diversity, heritage and fundraising for great causes… there really is a Spreadshop for everyone.

Ready to start your own? We saved one for you right here.

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