Tik-Tok Star Clueless Bushcraft Visits Spreadshop!

Clueless Bushcraft Visits Spreadshop!

We were lucky enough to have Clueless Bushcraft visit us at Spreadshop this past week and when it comes to outdoor survival, Clueless Bushcraft has the skills. He’s a Tik-Tok star and an entrepreneur who has his very own online merch shop through Spreadshop. Clueless Bushcraft visited Spreadshop in Greensburg, PA where he learned how all of his products are made from start to finish. Pittsburgh Today Live’s Celina Pompeani came out for an interview with Clueless Bushcraft and had the chance to learn some of their very own wilderness survival skills!

He did a live demonstration in which he showed how to create a fire and make drinkable water using basic tools. He said that the fire was perfect for cooking food but if you need to cook something quickly, use a metal pot with boiling water. Bushcrafting is the art of living off nature. It’s about learning to be self-sufficient and being comfortable in your surroundings, no matter where you are.

Pompeani of Pittsburgh Today Live asked about how clueless bushcraft is able to make content on Tik-Tok and he shared some tips on what works well on this platform. Tom emphasized to not only create content consistently, but to make sure what you create is providing both entertainment and value. He’s thankful for being able to share his bushcrafting journey and encourages everyone to pursue his or her own passions.

Check out the KDKA interview with Tom aka Clueless Bushcraft below:

Pittsburgh Today Live’s Celina Pompeani Interview

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