What Does NIL Stand For?

What Does NIL Stand For?

If you’re at all invested in college sports, you’ve seen the word NIL tossed around a lot recently.

NIL – Name, Image, and Likeness – gives college athletes the opportunity to turn a profit by essentially being themselves.

For too long, laws have prevented college athletes from branding themselves, accepting sponsorship deals and setting up their future.

Recent legislation sent waves through the industry and the biggest changes are yet to come – so be ready.

College athletes need to know what NIL is and how they can use it for their benefit when the ball drops.

What Does It Mean?

What Does It Mean?

Having control of your name, image, and likeness is a powerful thing.

But what does it mean to OWN your image?

With NIL rights, you decide how you want to market yourself and, in turn, make money:

How You Can Make Money with NIL• Become a spokesperson for a local restaurant or car dealership
• Accept deals from national brands and do sponsored posts on social media
• Make your own merch and market it to fans.

Your voice won’t be stifled by your college anymore. You’ll have control of your name and future.

What Can It Do For You

What Can It Do For You?

NIL rights allow college athletes the chance to build a brand.

That might sound like a lofty thing, but it means a lot in an industry associated with uncertainty and instability.

Under 2% of college football players will go pro, so what are the options for those that don’t?

NIL helps put a plan in place for your future while you’re still in school.

Learn how to market yourself and figure out what you have to offer, whether that’s in sports or not.

This all ties into your brand.

Learning these business skills and growing your confidence is only going to help you later in life.

Start exploring ideas for your FREE merch and take your name to the next level today!

Open your own Online Apparel Store!

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