How to Find a Merch Designer Right Now!

How To Find A Merch Designer

Getting your merch designs finalized is half the battle when launching your shop. 

But how do you go about finding a merch designer?

Ask Friends

Word of mouth is the go-to option, especially if you have designer or artist-type friends in your circle.

Connect with someone you know that would appreciate the opportunity to create merch designs. 

Young people just starting their careers would love to have it as part of their portfolio!

It makes the transition from idea to final product more seamless if you have a relationship with the person. 

They know and understand you, so they should understand your merch to a degree.

Pay them a small fee or take them out to dinner to show your appreciation for their work. 

Who says no to free pizza?!

Use Free Design Apps

Can’t be bothered to find a designer; don’t trust someone with your vision? Free design apps are a great alternative.

Services like Canva and GoDaddy Studio have FREE and paid tiers that make it easy to generate merch-ready designs.

Play around with text, graphics and images to build your designs. 

Go with a cohesive color scheme for your merch line thanks to preset colors. Or have fun making designs with the different features.

These apps also provide design inspiration for anyone stuck on finding their style.

The options are practically endless!

Hire a Professional Graphic Designer

If you want to spend the extra cash, hiring a professional graphic designer can be well worth it.

They have the tools and experience to bring what’s been living inside your brain to life.

Services like Fiverr house a slew of professional designers to get you standout designs at a speedy rate.

Consult and collaborate with them to achieve a design you’re happy with. 

As pro-level designers, they have a special eye. They know what looks good and what will translate best on merch.

Take their notes into consideration, but always stay true to the vision you have for your shop.

We hope our tips made your merch design dreams feel more like a reality. The people and tools are out there, you’ve just got to use them.

Launch your Spreadshop and start uploading designs today!

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