How to Run a Promotion

How To Run A Promotion

You might have seen Spreadshop in your inbox with our monthly promotional offers. But how can you as a shop owner use these offers to run a promotion that’s effective and engaging? It takes a little more effort than just slapping a note at the end of an Instagram caption for your followers.

You’ve got to set goals, target your audience and gauge expected outcomes. You want these types of promotions to be successful and increase your sales. It will help you determine what strategies work for your followers and what they respond to.

Understand your audience AND shop for the better.

Set Your Strategy

Set Your Strategy

What do you want to get out of your promotion?

Obviously, you’d like to see sales increase, but it’s not a bad idea to pinpoint what you want to promote. Your followers will find it more digestible when you pull their focus. Drive attention to certain products, especially if they’re in season. Water bottles and bucket hats for summer, hoodies and travel coffee mugs for the colder months. This ties into their current needs.

You can also run a promotion to introduce a new merch drop. Your followers will get excited about new merch, and they’ll be more likely to check it out with a discount.

Craft Your Message

Craft Your Message

People love discounts and free shipping offers, but they still need to feel like they’re being engaged.

Be personal with your messaging. Come up with catchy phrases or taglines that tie into the theme of your shop. It should still feel like content you would normally put out on socials. These would work great as tweets. Add funny gifs to make it more relatable. Use this format when crafting your posts on other socials like Instagram or Facebook.

Your audience likes your voice; that’s why they follow you. Stay true to yourself.

Don’t try to sound like a bigshot marketing executive.

Measure Your Results

Measure Your Results

Our promotional offers typically last over three days. This makes it easy for shop owners to check the success of their campaign after. If an increase in revenue was generated over that time period, the strategy worked.

Not noticing a difference? Tweak your strategy for next time. You can also look at your socials and see if engagement increased or decreased while running a promotion. Don’t be hard on yourself if things don’t pan out like you expected the first time.

We have promotional offers going at least twice a month.  Practice crafting your marketing strategy. Learn what works best for your audience.

Check out our current promos and start planning your next promotion today!


If you haven’t already be sure to open your own Spreadshop today!

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