Brian G. Johnson Helps Spreadshop Amplify Our Message!

Brian G. Johnson is a Youtuber that helps fellow content creators amplify their message. But as a Spreadshop brand ambassador – he’s helping us to amplify ours!

Johnson has been in the Youtube game for six years now, dropping knowledge left and right. And he’s written two best-selling books – Trust Funnel and Tube Ritual – about how to drive life-changing results.

But those achievements are only part of his appeal. His personality and passion for helping fellow Youtubers find success is a big draw.

He’s exactly the kind of brand ambassador we’re looking for here at Spreadshop. Anyone who uses what they know to help other people gets our seal of approval.

Brian embodies that ethos. And his merch reinforces it in an on-brand way!

“Amplify Your Message”

People scrolling on Youtube should be able to identify what your channel’s about right off the bat. And slogans and catchphrases can help boost your brand recognition immensely.

“What’s your message to the viewers that land on your channel,” Johnson asks.

Brian G Johnson has taken the phrase “Amplify Your Message” and launched a whole brand from it. These words have become synonymous with the way he views the content experience as a personal endeavor.

Since it’s unique to him, this phrase works seamlessly on products in his merch line.

Every content creator’s slogan is going to be different. It must relate to what kind of content you’re creating, what your mission statement is.

Brian is all about helping people own their power. Merch allows Brian and other creators to strengthen their brand recognition. It ties you to values and forms that connection with an audience and makes him indispensable as a brand ambassador.

“Embrace Your Suckage”

You can’t need to have everything figured out on day one, or even day fifty. There’s going to be parts of Youtube or other areas of life that just aren’t your thing. And Johnson is there to help fill in those blind spots as one of our brand ambassadors.

Not the most tech savvy? Whether you shoot your videos on an iPhone or a Sony camera, Brian breaks down the best camera settings for videos.

Want to grow your channel in 2021? Start using Youtube shorts to increase views and engagement with your content.

Brian G Johnson took something that could be viewed as a negative and turned it into a positive. And it’s going to be beneficial in the long run

“When you embrace your suckage, that gives you the opportunity to more easily see the things you can work on,” says Johnson.

“Subscribe and Feed a Poodle”

Spreadshop encourages shop owners to look at their merch differently. There are so many unique things you can do to engage your audience; like using inside jokes or quirky references.

Brian uses the tagline “Subscribe and Feed a Poodle” at the end of his videos. It’s a little nod to his personal life as a poodle owner that’s appreciated.

Brian thinks it’s important to reveal a little about yourself to your audience so you can stand out from others.

“That’s one of the best things you can do as your building and crafting and creating your brand,” says Johnson. “When you do that, that separates you from everybody else.”

Having something like that available on merch is important for people who know the ins and outs of your channel. It’s a reference they would only get as a dedicated subscriber.

Brian G Johnson has added so much value to the lives of content creators and us here at Spreadshop. He may be OUR brand ambassador, but we’re certainly an unofficial ambassador for his brand.

Launch your Spreadshop today!

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