Get Spooky With Spreadshop!

Get Spooky With Spreadshop

Get spooky with Spreadshop by adding Halloween-themed designs to your shop! Now’s the time to create designs that will attract ghouls and ghosts alike and reinvigorate interest in your brand.

We love to see how shop owners interpret all things spooky season. Maybe your interests already live in that territory, like Undead Storyteller. They narrate horror stories on Youtube. And there’s plenty of material to work with there.

Or you have a specific niche like Queer Deer. They specialize in cute, queer designs. Putting a pastel twist on spooky creatures is a fun shake up for their shop.

Spooky season gives shop owners the opportunity to do something new while still staying true to themselves.  You’ll attract people interested in all things Halloween and create better engagement with your current audience.

We hope seeing these shop owners embrace all things spooky inspires you to do the same!

Bake It Out Witch

Bake It Out Witch

Bake It Out Witch is a one-woman (or one-witch, we should say) show run by Payton Stantis. Payton is a boutique baker from Biringham, Alabama who concocts delicious and spooky creations.

She claims her “witchcraft” is just combining the right ingredients, but her appropriately designed logo suggests otherwise. A pastel hair-colored witch winking and wielding a whisk is perfectly on brand for her.

Surrounded by sweets, the design has a spooky spin that sets Payton apart in the baking and merch world. And once you see the goodies she bakes, you’ll be all in! These bat-shaped pumpkin nutella cookies are a stand out that’s got us salivating.

In order get spooky with Spreadshop, you don’t need to be limited to exclusive designs. Payton’s witch design is her logo and a brand identifier with a spooky touch that works for every month!

Mad Crue

Mad Crue

Sure, tattoos look cool inked on skin, but they look just as cool on merch. Mad Crue make tattoo inspired streetwear and offer designs for whatever art style you’re into. And that now includes all things Halloween.

Get spooky with Spreadshop in classic tees and more that celebrate the season. Mad Crue are offering “Trick or Treat” and “Happy Halloween” designs that will never go out of style.

Sometimes those classic options are the go-to when it comes to merch. These are the items people will wear year after year, and continue to reach for when spooky season comes around. How can you interpret those elements in your shop? Think about how that works with your niche and what Halloween iconography you want to use: ghosts, pumpkins, etc.

Mad Crue could have interpreted spooky season in a modern tattoo style, but these designs speak to all demographics. It doesn’t matter how old you are, you can still get spooky with Spreadshop. And feel cool in some streetwear inspired merch.

Queer Deer

Queer Deer

When you have a niche as specific as Queer Deer, you become synonymous with that style or theme. You can spot their super cute queer-themed designs from a mile away. They use animal characters and other art that allows people to express their identifies.

They’ve put a spooky spin on their merch and even dedicated a section of their site to Halloween designs. And the new designs are on par with everything else in their shop!

For those that identify as trans, their “Greetings From Transylvania” merch is a top-notch spooky reference. A cat wearing fake fangs, a cape and a trans-colored bowtie is everything we didn’t know we needed.

Queer Deer also has another fun, feline design. This “Bisexual Cat Witch” stirring a bi-colored cauldron is cute and classic. It’s the kind of merch you could wear all year, too. It’s not in-your-face about how spooky it is.

Queer Deer were able to naturally integrate their spooky themed merch with their normal offerings with Spreadshop. If you stick within your style and just add in those classic Halloween elements, you can’t go wrong!

Undead Storyteller

Undead Storyteller

Undead Storyteller have a niche that’s built for Halloween. Their Youtube channel embraces terror with narrated horror stories for whatever mood you’re in.

Listen to ghost stories that will send you off to dream land, or stories fit for fireside. They have hours and hours of content to satisfy your spooky cravings. Their merch also fulfills that requirement.

The “Stay Weird” design isn’t an overtly obvious horror reference, but it does suggest spooky things at play. A hand guiding the order of the planets and controlling the galaxy is pretty scary stuff. The tone also changes based on the color of merch you choose.

The “Embrace the Terror” design uses one of their tag lines. A creepy hand rising up out of the grave is the epitome of spooky season.

Undead Storyteller know their niche and lean into it. It might as well be Halloween everyday as for as they’re concerned.

As you can see, there’s no right or wrong way to get spooky with Spreadshop. You can interpret Halloween into your merch line without comprising your vision. It’s in your hands, be they ghost or human.

Get spooky with Spreadshop when you launch your shop today!

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Dreamcatcher Designs
2 years ago

Sorry, but your designs are too simple. Mine took hpurs to make.

Adnan Maqsood
2 years ago

How are you boss kya hal hai

Alaseldin Elsalam
Alaseldin Elsalam
2 years ago

Happy Halloween ?

2 years ago

Happy Halloween 

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