The Rise of Micro-Entrepreneurs

The Rise of Micro-Entrepreneurs

The rise of micro-entrepreneurs has helped shift the focus from big media to individual creators as a source of trust. Big media doesn’t have a monopoly on valuable information anymore. There’s so many voices worth listening to now.

The creator economy is a network of millions of independent creators that work in the social media and content space. Their goal: empower fellow creators and help them realize their passion.

Spreadshop Brand Ambassadors like Roberto Blake embody this message. Blake has made a career out of helping creators and influencers build their brands. Creating a merch line, getting brand deals and ways to gain subscribers are just a few of his insights. His content is more personal and engaging than what a large marketing corporation could put out.

The rise of micro-entrepreneurs empowers people to take ownership of their voice. Anyone can build a brand with the right tools.

Be Your Own Boss

Be Your Own Boss

A great attraction to being a micro-entrepreneur: you don’t have to answer to anyone. There’s no deadlines or requests from upper management that need to be satisfied. You set your schedule and decide the type of content you want to put out there.

Micro-entrepreneurs exist across every area of the digital space. Youtube, Instagram and TikTok are burgeoning platforms for creators and influencers who want to make their mark. Full-time content creator Daniel Batal is an OG Youtuber with boss-level status.

“I like the idea of owning my future,” Batal says.

Youtube gives Batal a platform to connect creators with the resources they need to succeed. And he owns all the content. A large media corporation can’t control the rights and use it to their advantage for years to come.

Being a micro-entrepreneur, you don’t have to punch in or out like you do at a nine-to-five job. Putting out creative and engaging content has got to be the motivator though, not views. Finding a niche that suits you sets you apart and gives you direction.

Own Your Niche

Own Your Niche

With so many people vying to become micro-entrepreneurs and full-time creators, it’s creating a crowded content market. Having a niche helps you stand out.

At Spreadshop, we come across unique niches everyday. If there’s a hole in the market, that gives you the opportunity to step and be the solution. Large media corporations and big businesses spread themselves thin trying to cover anything and everything. As small-time creators, micro-entrepreneurs have the power to devote themselves to one topic.

Tom aka Clueless Bushcraft has carved out his own niche on TikTok. The bushcraft lifestyle requires one to have knowledge of the natural environment and how to survive. But Tom’s a newbie to the lifestyle and his name makes sense. He’s experiencing everything with his audience for the first time!

“I’m just a normal guy learning all these new things and I’m just sharing it with the world – you guys can be Clueless Bushcraft.”

Tom also incorporates his merch into the occasional TikTok video in a way that remains true to his niche. He isn’t showy about anything – he makes it feel natural. Tom knows his brand and how to best market it.

Brand Yourself Better

Brand Yourself Better

You’ve likely heard about how important it is to have a recognizable brand. But what does that necessarily mean?

Your “brand” is how people come to identify you. The rise of micro-entrepreneurs has signaled an emphasis on branding to build a career. Creators no longer have to hide behind the symbols of a company – they create their own. Merch is the best way to get your name out there and start building your brand.

Spreadshop is a free and easy option that creators can use to develop their merch line. It’s valuable in helping longtime and new followers understand who you are. Micro-entrepreneur himself Brian G. Johnson knows a thing or two about that.

“What’s your message to the viewers that land on your channel,” Johnson asks.

Your merch is going to be tied to how people perceive you so you want to make sure it’s effective. Brian’s merch reinforces his brand by incorporating catchphrases he uses in his videos. These phrases are key to what he does with his channel: helping his followers create something awesome.

Your identity as a micro-entrepreneur doesn’t just live on the internet. With merch, you can carry that into the real world and into peoples’ lives. Merch is just one of the ways to foster a community environment.

Make Those Connections

Make Those Connections

Whether you’re talking about brand deals or partnerships with fellow creators, it’s true that micro-entrepreneurs can’t go it alone. Your content won’t benefit from living on an island and not interacting with anyone. Making connections with those in your community is going to show how much you care.

The best way to do that is to market anything associated with your brand – content, giveaways, merch – across socials. People live on multiple platforms today: TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. And you need to go THEM.

The rise of micro-entrepreneurs has created competition between individual creators trying to get their name out there. You need to create effective and engaging content tailored for each platform. But sometimes even that’s not enough.

“People who choose to advertise on these platforms have a larger audience than those who try an organic approach.”

Instagram shop ads and Facebook features are essential components micro-entrepreneurs should be taking advantage of. Free and paid ad options are going to help you get your name out there. You’ll get better at marketing yourself.

Earn Money

Earn Money

The creator economy may be about making worthwhile content, but it’s also about setting yourself up for financial success. Making money with your brand can be done in virtual and in-person spaces with extra effort.

Cross promote merch by creating engaging content across social platforms like Youtube, Twitch and Instagram. Make connections locally at events that showcase small businesses and sellers. Leverage your merch seasonally.

Your merch line will be an opportunity for people to connect with you and create that initial conversation. The rise of micro-entrepreneurs has put more money in the hands of creators. There’s no limits on the endeavors you can take on to boost your brand.

Large media corporations designate what projects their employees work on and cap their salary. Creators have taken the reins and can decide how much work they want to put in. What they get out of it is up to them.

Using Spreadshop to sell merch is the most efficient option for creators. You won’t feel burdened by the hassle of inventory or dealing with the production side of things. We handle everything on the backend. This forgoes unnecessary headaches and keeps creators and customers satisfied.

The rise of micro-entrepreneurs is changing the way we consume content and creating career options. The creator economy is a growing market with plenty of room to grow. 

Open your Spreadshop today and start building towards your career goals!

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